Friday, February 18, 2011

first post & japanese makeup arrival!

first post! :D so i decided to start fresh here, my tumblr has way too many irrelevant stuff (of my random interests) on it - i'm not abandoning tumblr i'll still continue to massively post/reblog daily LOL but i'm making this devoted to my (boring) little life XP - this will be my own little place to truly express, blab and vent about things :)

so as i have mentioned before on tumblr, i ordered some japanese cosmetics with my sister from ichibankao and it arrived in like less than a week! :D i'm so excited to play with these! <3 i've never really tried any japanese makeup before so this is my first. I ordered two eyeshadow palettes, one blush, and this toner that my sister picked out for me.

Kate 2011 Spring Collection - Crystallise Quartz in BR-1, Visee 2011 Spring Collection - Glam Shade Eyes, and Majolica Majorca Cheek Customized - OR211
the toner, apparently it's a really good one - i'll see about that haha

the Kate Crystallise Quartz palette, the packaging is SUPER cute!! the eyeshadows are all really shimmery. the only thing about it is that i wish there was less of the highlight color "A" and more of the other shadows in the quad
and it even shows you where to place the shadows on the 
back of the packaging :)

Visee Glam Shade Eyes Palette - really really beautiful colors! they are also all shimmery. can't wait to try this one out!

this one has a little demo on the back as well :)
Majolica Majorca Blush in OR211, a cute coral ( pinkish-orangey) color - almost matte, only if you look carefully you'll see a bit of really small, fine sparkle in it, it gives your cheeks a nice sheen. the blush is really soft and silky! packaging wise, the whole plastic cover slides off and the blush is very narrow & small so you gotta use a smaller brush.
I will try these out and maybe do a little follow up/review on them? sounds like this is some beauty blog lol :) anyways, 3am shit...goodnight & toodles. XD

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