Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Beauty Stuff!

so on wednesday lucky me, got my hands on the last bottle that the seller had for OPI's "you don't know jacques" suede hehe! and i finally got around to putting it on today and it's gooorggeeouuss! <3 it dries in like literally 10 sec. i love it. except like it says on the tag, that it does chip more easily than it's regular lines....i had to repaint my left thumb after washing the dishes ... bleh. ==; on the tag that came with it says...."Suede by OPI does not wear as long as original OPI Nail Lacquer. Do not use top coat, drying product or hand lotion when wearing Suede." hmmm....i wonder what happens if i do lol but it's a good idea not to even attempt, since it's stated so specifically. maybe it'll just completely ruin the nail polish or something :S lol. ahhh w/e i still like it a lot. :)

i lurrrvvv it <3

And then i thought it was a good idea to try something new tonight since i was playing with my Visee eyeshadow palette and did my whole face for fun haha. my makeup though, is somewhat washed out by the lighting/camera so the overall look is more pigmented in real life. For some reason, even though all the eyeshadows from the 2 palettes i got are SUPER shimmery, when you put it all together it doesn't look too over done with sparkle, and in fact, looks really pretty. ^^; Anyways...

I got this DHC Deep Cleansing Oil makeup remover for my birthday and it's another japanese brand so you can't get it here unless u buy it online or something. It takes off makeup really easily which is great, except as the name says it's an oil so my face felt really greasy when i was massaging it all over my face which i'm not too fond of and it has a really strong olive oil scent - which is the first ingredient listed (so it's a good natural makeup remover). I guess I'll just get used to the oily feeling, cause afterall it did remove my maybelline falsie's mascara in waterproof decently without much effort. It only had a bit of residues left on my eyes which i can just wipe off with my towel. my sister swears by this makeup remover now and apparently it's comparable to shu uemeura's makeup remover but for much less! good stuff :)

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