Monday, March 14, 2011

okay, help me choose looool

I'm kinda debating with myself which bag to get. I'm limiting myself to choosing only two bags, one for me and one for my mom. The reason being because i had bought this white bag for her to go along with her LV heart shaped coin purse but that one has worn down a bit so I want to get her a new bag this year for her birthday in may. It seems like long ways to go but I'm ordering online and it usually takes at least 2-3 weeks to get shipped here, and then I have to go pick it up which might take a while sometimes cus it's hard to match schedules with the facetrader. Anyways...let's get started :)

I'll start with moi hehe.

Bag #1: $34 CDN

Blue or white (this has a longer shoulder strap as well)
Bag #2: $35 CDN

Brown (b/c i have a black bag already) or....this Grayish purple one below?

For Mom's LV coin purse bag, i was thinking about the grayish purple one ^ above but I'm just thinking it the bag itself has too much external detailing (straps and 2 large pockets) that will take away from the LV coin I found 2 other potential ones, which would make it stand out more and probably more mature/feminine style suitable for my mom. 

The LV coin purse: almost the same as this one except my mom doesn't have that extra mini heart on the chain.

Bag #3: $40 CDN

Bag #4: $38 CDN

almost the same as the one above but instead of a locket, this is a heart shaped one
and has longer handles to be carried as a shoulder bag and has a flap opening
with the zipper inside instead of exposed.

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