Tuesday, May 10, 2011

facebook online shopping haul!

More shopaholicism haha...this time it's stuff i bought off of facebook shops. Shopping/Opening shops on facebook is kind of a popular thing now, it's pretty convenient unless you get unlucky and come across a horrible one. Scamming can be a problem (hasn't happened to me luckily up to this point *touches wood lol*) so, just be careful of who you choose to buy off of and definitely avoid shops who charge you for ridiculous facetrade/late fees. I ain't paying fo'yar goddamn transit fare you cheap ass! I'm the customer here.

lol Anyways, on to what i bought :) I'll start with the oldest one, I actually got this pair of lace shorts a while ago at the end of march i think. It was a disappointment, because it's so sheer, you can see the pattern/colour of your panties if you don't cover your bum good with a long shirt/top. I also expected it to be more ruffly/puffy not just 3 layers of lace. ><" The only thing i figured I'd wear this out with are the new green and pink floral rompers I got from FXXI cause those rompers for some reason are too short for me in a small (I'm planning to go back for an exchange though, i hope they still have it!) So yeah, wasted my mula :(

I got the next three items yesterday after school - this is the third purchase from the same shop! The first item, is a Liz Lisa black pearl cardigan. The whole cardigan is covered with pearls! Super cute and is made with decent quality ^^; (I'm surprised it actually came with tags and everything, I thought it was a replica haha. Or maybe it is, I dunno.

The second purchase is just a plain gray sweater. It's pretty warm, the seller actually warned me about a lot of threads sticking out because she got one herself. But mine turned out okay, there were only a few threads coming out of the thumb hole. 

Last item was a disappointment and it was the thing i looked forward to the most in getting! The bag only costed $13! But china quality, the bag is made uneven/lopsided - it's slanted up to one side. :( I already contacted the shop, hopefully I get some sort of discount on future purchases cause I don't think there are refunds/exchange. ><" It's a pretty cute bag aside the quality flaw.

adjustable straps - it can be elongated into a messenger bag 
3 divided sections - there is also another smaller zipper pocket
to the back of the bag in the lining.
and it also has a pouch on the back
And that's all for now, in mid-may I'll be expecting the arrival of circle lens. I have contact lens (the hard kind not the soft lens) so this will be my first try. I hope i can get regular soft lens as well, cus my eyesight has gone worse since i bought my hard lens so I need updated prescription and I'm only suppose to have my hard lens for 2 years, this year is my third lololol.

toodle noodles :) <3

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