Monday, May 2, 2011

i'm back finally!

It has been an extremely hectic month with assignments and finals. And then the week after finals i've just been out every day and i mean literally every day lol. THANK GOD i passed ochem - no more ever again YAYY (even though it's the most embarrassing mark i've ever gotten in my whole life but...whatever)! Good thing I did really good for my 2 hsci courses so it balanced out my gpa. Then my daddy came we've been going out a lot, which is good cause i don't want my fat ass to grow any bigger from sitting in this chair 24/7 =_=;

And now here I am, finally having time to do some major blogging hehe and update you guys on the stuff that happened. It was elections canada today, and I actually got hired to be the registration officer for the day. I was at the elementary school from 6 AM to 7:30 PM =_= another 13.5hrs of sitting in a goddamn effing chair - but at least i got paid XD hahaha. And it wasn't too bad actually never got so bored to the point i had to pull out my analysis homowork to do. And i got to creep people's personal information LOLOLOL I could've been a creepy stalker on cute guys XD I only saw 2 cute guys though but mehhh I'm not creepy and I have no good memory so I don't remember jack shit about their info LMAO. :P anyways the lady that worked with me was pretty interesting and my 13.5hrs weren't boring/bad at all (aside from the sitting lol).

Rewind to last week of being out everyday haha. I was just basically shopping everyday XD my favourite hobby(?) and something I've been craving to do for the longest time ><" I got a bunch of stuff from Fxxi, Tommy and Zara. Can't wait to wear them throughout the summer! 

My bed covered with new stuffffff woooot!!! :D
top row - Tommy, second row - Zara, last row - FXXI (incl. romper), with
bumpits and CG mascara on the side.

I need hairspray for my $2 bumpits :P, and the CG fusion blast mascara sucks balls, i'm gonna have to try and return it to superstore =.=, stupid mascara can't even hold my curls. So when I was down in the states at lovely walmart, I got the Maybelline Black Drama Falsies mascara which works wonderfully - it contains fibres to maker your lashes look extra long! :) I also got an Essie nailpolish in Tart Deco which is a super cute coral color just like my denim shorts! can't wait to put it on hehe <3

Next.... while strolling through downtown on a nice sunny saturday afternoon after a yummy brunch with my parents, sister and niece; I got some skin care stuff from this store cus I ran out of my Biotherm cleanser (the purple tube) - it doesn't work well for acne/oily or combo skin (doesn't do much) so I asked for suggestions and got the Dermalogica Cleansing Skin Wash instead because apparently it works amazing for getting rid of/preventing acne. (I shall review on it later) ^^; and then I got a bunch of samples from the same brand as well as a shiseido 3 step sample...

Samples are all for combo/acne prone skin. The Dermalogica samples include a spf 20
sunblock, day and night moisturizer and a serum.

And speaking of skin care, that japanese toner (Orbis Oil Cut) I mentioned in my first post, did not work out for my skin at all - I just broke out extremely horrible on my forehead and I think it might be because it contains some alcohol in it. Might also be due to stress because of exams but I'm pretty sure the majority of the cause is the toner itself as well as the Biotherm moisturizer (clear purple container with pump - can't remember the name) but those did not go well for me. :( ugh. And now I'm just trying to clear up my skin while I'm still stress free. ><"

So here is my update + massive haul :P And I think I've basically established this blog to be a makeup/beauty related blog now. You'll probably still find some random things that go on in my life but I feel like this is my happy place to splurge and get excited talking about makeup and stuff hehe. Stay tuned for more? :)

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