Sunday, May 29, 2011

new outfit in exchange for the floral rompers

So i went back to fxxi the third time finally decided to exchange for a medium because i don't think i'd like wearing the ruffled lace shorts underneath them every time i wanted to wear the rompers... but then, while i was there i found something better haha. I picked up a bangle ring set and a skirt. When i saw the skirt i knew right away what i'd wear it with - so here's my new outfit - good for clubbing or a dressier summer day outfit :)

black blazer jacket- tommy
patterned mini skirt - fxxi
gold chained quilted bag - vintage
plain black tank top - fxxi

5 piece silver bangle ring set
I also got an essie nailpolish from my sister which we got together with the tart deco one, but she said she didn't think it looked good on her so she gave it to me. It's definitely not as special as we thought, but the color is growing on me haha, i kinda like it now :) It has really really tiny multi-coloured shimmer in it but not enough to show through making it more unique as we see it in the bottle. So it just turns out to be a plain ocean/navy blue type of colour. 

Essie - Smooth Sailing
this is darker in real life my camera just sucks balls ><"
come back for more hauls etc. toodles :)

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