Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ELF HAUL & First Impressions

I made a large order from elf a few weeks ago and just got my package today after school. Although I ordered through someone from facebook I wasn't charged unreasonably since my order was quite large - 21 items in total, 15 of them were mine AHAHAHA (7 brushes, 8 makeup things). The math works out to be approx the same (if not a little bit less) as if I was ordering it on the site myself but with no discount codes but tis all good cause elf products are already really cheap. So it's still worth it (Aside from the broken lipstick T^T).  I swear and to the best of my ability - I will not buy anymore makeup, clothes or accessories etc. before imats. (not counting the orders i've already made ie. circle lenses, 4 essie nail polishes and momma's purse) ><"~

Left to Right:

1. Essential Fan Brush - very soft and feathery like feel
2. Essential Eyeshadow Brush - medium density, very soft 
3. Essential Blending Eye Brush - don't know why i got this and the contouring brush probably a mistake i made but it's okay cause they are somewhat different. The bristles on this brush is longer thus more "flimsy" (not in the bad way), probably better for blending as the name suggests.
4. Studio Contouring Brush - shorter bristles, more dense probably better for definition and may work for adding colour to the lower lashline
5. Studio Complexion Brush - not as fluffy as i would like but this probably has the best softness out of all the brushes hehe. 
6. Studio Stippling Brush - not very dense, therefore probably better just for creme/powder blush products etc. and not ideal for foundation
7. Studio Kabuki Face Brush - very dense & very very soft! i think i can just swish this around my face all day lololol. (Except packaging kinda screwed up a few bristles in the center but it's okay)

Mineral Eyeshadow in Socialite (sparkly dark brown) and Temptress
(matte pink) the shadows are very pigmented and requires very
little amount (see swatches at the end) both colors are extremely gorgeous!

- Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink: very pretty medium pink color except.....it was broken!!! :'( such a disappointment!
- Conditioning Lip Balm with SPF 15 in Peaceful Pink: forgot to swatch this! but Emilynoel83 on youtube has a review on it and raved about it = why i bought this balm hehehe. :) so you can check it out on there for more in depth review

- Studio Bronzer in Warm Bronzer: haven't tried it on my face yet so I can't really say how it looks on my skintone but see the swatch at the end! Definitely not a matte one but it is good for a "glowy sunkissed"look.
- Studio Blush in Pink Passion: it looks bright in the picture but it is even brighter in real life; i'll describe it as a SUPER bright barbie pink. A really cute color and give you adorable dolly cheeks but only if it is not overdone (so don't layer too much, blend it out and probably ideal to use a stippling brush) 
- Studio Blush in Candid Coral: pinky-peach color with golden shimmer; really pretty blush, but not as pigmented as pink passion.

Studio HD Powder: tanslucent powder with a very very soft and extremely
silky feel! soo silky that it's unbelievable!! i'm betting that this won't set into fine lines 

and give you a nice smooth finish!can't wait to try it out on my face :O
That's all from ELF for now, this will probably keep me busy for a bit kekeke XD. Recommend me other things? Cause so far all of these products were bought under youtube influence lol....

Bye for now :)

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