Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nail polish Haul & NOTD

There's this nail polish wholesale shop in Vancouver called Secret Nail and Beauty Supply that my friends took me to last friday and I bought 4 new nail polishes :) The store looks pretty sketchy on the outside, so it's really easy to miss or not walk into. You can only find OPI, China Glaze, CND and Sparitual nail polishes there, but it's already enough to spend at least an hour or more in there XD. There are also a bunch of nail supplies in the back for commercial use, and even Model 21 falsies. And in order to buy cheap nail polishes, you have to pay a $10 fee for membership every year, but with one visit to the store $10 is already worth the money lmao.


  • OPI - $5.99
  • Color Club - $3.19
  • CND - $5.69
  • Sparitual ~$6.50 - $7? (i can't remember)
  • Model 21 Lashes ~$12

(L-R) OPI - Katy Perry's Last Friday Night, Leche de Veche,
Color Club - Nothing but Truffle, Snakeskin
NOTW (nails of the week)!

Revlon's Midnight Affair & OPI Katy Perry's Last Friday Night

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