Sunday, July 24, 2011


Got a lot of stuff from imats, had a lot of fun and spent mula like crazy but totally worth the money since everything was so cheapppppp! hehe. I'd definitely go every year now ahahaha XD 

First stop.....Royal & Langnickel Brushes. Loved how the booth ran, easy, fast & no lineups!

the brushes are super super SUPER soft, when I got home all i did
was swish the flat top kabuki around my face lol. I don't think I can settle
for any less good quality brushes now =X

Second stop was NYX - they had the biggest booth and it was so exciting! least for those of us living in vancouver, we never see this much nyx products and not a lot of variety plus jacked up ridiculous prices for a drugstore brand. I spent like $64 here, i was kinda shocked when i got to the cashier lol ><"

swatches :D *click for bigger picture*
10-Color Eyeshadow Palette in Champagne & Caviar
I've wanted this ever since it came out but I never got my hands on it, now I kinda
wish I got another palette lol, but it's all good cause I don't always put on eyeshadow.
Eyeshadows are swatched in order top to bottom & left to right :)
I loveeeeee itt!! 
$2.99 each, the jeweled one is $3.99 - got these at the Eye Kandy Cosmetics booth

Was very tempted to get the Kandy Bag but it was so expensive imo, Solution + 1 glitter = $21 and honestly for someone who hardly uses eyeshadows and glitter it's not worth it. I wanted it to do glitter for fun on special occasions but nahhhh maybe when i actually get more into makeup....

Don't need to get anymore lashes for a good whole year probably, these were only 7 for $10!!!
Got these at the Nigel Beauty Emporium while some of the girls were in line waiting for Make Up Forever, but this was no better, there was a  ridiculous line to pay =___=" so tempted to just walk up to the cashier & slap down $10 and go sigh~

Full Cover Concealer #7 and HD Primer #0/Neutral 
Make Up For Ever had 40% off!! What a steall!!! The long ass one hour plus line up was totally worth it! But i'm kinda choked they ran out of my shade in the Mat Velvet + Foundation :'( so sad sigh~~ ah wells....

Anyways, that's all i got :P Now I need to reorganize my makeup stash/vanity. So glad it was sunny yesterday, toodle noodles~

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