Saturday, July 9, 2011

Momma's 2 month late Birthday Present....

So wayyy back in March, I had a post about a bunch of handbag pictures trying to decide which one to get from online. And I ended up only getting one bag, which ideally was suppose to arrive in time for my Mom's birthday in May. But I didn't know that this particular shop's shipping from their supplier takes 2 whole months instead of the typical 3 weeks to 1 month like most fb stores. And then due to the Canada Post strike, it was stuck in the mail for another 2 weeks! much for a "birthday present" =/ Anyways, enough with the background story....i finally picked it up on monday after school :)

The main purpose of getting this one was because it's pure white to replace
this other one I bought ages ago (which is worn down now) and to hang 

her authentic Louis Vuitton coin purse. 
This was $40, I know, I know it's just a cheap China made replica version
of the real 
Herm├Ęs Berkin but you can't expect much from a poor jobless university 
student lol. It doesn't look bad at all :P And the PU leather is actually pretty soft. 
The inside is pretty spacious with a zipper pocket & phone pouch.
The only complaint is that it has a couple of ink marks on the front of
the bag (we'll be trying to get that off soon) :S 
and the handle is a bit small in
proportion to the the size of the bag. If only it was a tiny bit bigger,
this would've been better.
 But I had no choice cause the other 
similar style doesn't come in white ><"
A little wrinkled on the back due to being stuffed and packaged from shipping, 
but it can be easily fixed with some careful low heat and covered ironing....
Btw, how do you like my new background? hehehe :P

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