Monday, August 29, 2011

August & Back-to-School Collective Haul

Got two new polishes at the beginning of the month but never mentioned them here until now :P i got a lot of compliments on them so i see why they are so popular hehe they are really pretty! Some random stranger actually thought I got my nails done professionally :3

Essie - Lilacism
Essie - Van d' Go
I went shopping at metro with my 2 besties, but only bought 2 things - we talked more than we shopped haha :P And my lucky rainy day I found $5 lol XD which is the price of my two piece asymmetrical crop top making it "free" hehehe

lace detailing on the shoulders - love! (Sirens $5 sale rack)
light wash cuffed denim shorts (Urban Planet 3 for $20)
Most recent - went shopping at richmond centre with my fam :) it seems like I'm a shoeaholic or something lol 4 pairs in one day! (and one more coming soon from aldo! *crossfingers* i hope the size 9 fits me...) and i wasn't even looking for shoes in particular. but I really love these babies XD sad thing is that I have to return the sparkly flats cus they are too tight & will actually cut into the skin :( and a size up is probably too big T^T sigh~~~ not meant to be i guess but they are sooo pretty!!!! :'(

they cut into the skin/bone by the big toe :S sigh~~
Nude heels! (Payless - $23 plus additional 15% off since i bought 2 pairs of shoes!)
comfy sneakers (Payless - $23)
cute rubber boots! I'm prepared for nasty weather :P (Joe - $20)
Boyfriend coat (Zara - $99.90)
photo credit to; cause my camera quality sucks lol ><"

boyfriend coat close up (photo credit to

casual sporty trousers/capris (Joe - $12.94 sale)
sorry for the bad photo quality =.= i seriously need a better camera!

super comfy :)
I know I got quite a few things here but I still need to do some actual "back-to-school" shopping - hoodies, sweaters, scarfs, boots, notebooks, textbooks, stationary etc... hopefully find some cute stuff so even though my upcoming semester is quite brutal i'll still look cute and warm.

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