Thursday, August 4, 2011

Haul & New stuffs

I know it's kinda insane how I have another haul for makeup products even after going to imats lol =.= but in my defense, I seriously need a good liquid liner in which i totally forgot to get at imats sigh~ ><"

There was no tax at superstore that day, so that's why i got 2 Clean & Clear oil-free makeup removers - as I've mentioned in my skincare routine I was running out of the Neutrogena one but I got Clean & Clear because it was cheaper ($5.92 vs $6.99) lol and they are basically the same imo. I bought another St. Ives Gentle scrub cause I ran out and....... same with Maybelline's Falsie's mascara - I think this is the one other mascara that I've bought more than once so that shows quite a bit of love ;)

also got 3 simple tanks and a cute striped knotted top :)
Sunshine by Maybelline Express Finish & Milani's nail laquer in Disco Lights
Seriously love these two right here, well actually I'm still trying to get use to the bright yellow on my toesies hahaha. :3 (it's my first yellow nail polish!) But yeah, Disco Lights is an amazing pink glitter although I haven't put it on myself, my mom and sister have it on and it's super duper pretty! A must-have!!

For the past week or so I haven't been putting on any nail polish on my hands because I want to give them a break and let them get stronger before I start harassing them again with a different color every week lol. They are a bit stained specifically due to Revlon's midnight affair n/p and have been slitting annoyingly. I've been told a lot of good things about this hand cream here, so I'm trying it out atm. So far my nails are starting to have that natural shine again and less dryness but I'm not sure about the slitting and ridges on my nails. I will update later when I am more religious to moisturizing my hands with this and when i see results lol :P

$14 at Costco
Now the eyeliners....I'm not actually trying to compare the two as they are nothing alike but for the convenience I just swatched and tested them together. :)

Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Everlast  (brush tip) and Maybelline's Lineworks
Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (felt tip)

Left: Milani but applied with an angle brush, Middle: Milani applied straight from
brush applicator, Right: Maybelline liner
They both dry matte but the Milani liner takes longer to dry because of its thick and goopy formula.

waterproof ability test (results after washing dishes) - no rubbing
one finger rub from left to right....clearly someone wins hands down lol.

My Thoughts/Opinions & Rating on these....
  • Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner: I think by far this is the best waterproof eyeliner I've come across I have trouble taking this off with makeup remover!!! Now THAT is insane, but the consistency of this product and application is just a really big turn off. When I first pulled out the wand I could already see a thick blob on the brush applicator, I thought I had a product defect or something =_= but after going online and reading some reviews I realized this was actually how it works - thick and goopy. So when you apply this straight from the applicator, your line will be inconsistent in texture. I mean you could wipe it off on the rim of the tube but isn't that just a waste of product? So instead I took an angled brush to apply it, which was much better but.... more work & definitely not a liner to pull out when you're in a rush. Although it's not that bad to make me go return it, I won't repurchase after i run out.
  • Maybelline Lineworks Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner:  clearly needs to choke on it's own name about waterproof ability - waterproof my ass. I wore this on my eyes for a day and it creases even when no water got on/near it. I don't even expect it to be full waterproof cause I'm not gonna go swim in it, all I want is something that will stay put for an everyday wear. The brush is felt tip and stiff so it's easy for control.....but a little too stiff actually - not that it really bothers me but it could be less harsh ya know. Won't repurchase this either. mehh....i'll probably just go back to Revlon Colorstay...

My sister gave me a pair of falsies to try, but haven't gotten a chance to put them on yet.
(there's only one pair in the box fyi hahaha)  
close up! 100% hand made in Japan

And that's all for now, i'll ttyl byeee~ :)

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