Monday, September 26, 2011

The Faux Fur Vest

Went to a large family dinner on sunday night and I decided to wear my new faux fur vest :D I've been eyeing one for a long time and finally got it last week hehehe. Felt like I was being a little dressy but this semester is sucking for me right now and I need a day to have fun and pamper up just because. 

The heels are ~5 inches high my bro-in-law said my sister
looked like a midget standing next to me LOL >.<"

Faux Fur Vest - H&M
Black top - Bluenotes
Shorts & Belt - Sirens
Sheer Black Tights - no name
Crossbody Bag - vintage (Liz Claibourne)
Shoes - Aldo 
Nailpolish - Bare Naked by Rimmel

Thursday, September 22, 2011

clothesencounters - Jenn's Hair Tutorial

I'm typically not a hair person, I don't do anything to my hair other than a bun or a ponytail because I just suck at it and I'm lazy lol. And most importantly I don't own a flat iron or curling iron. But then I saw this video from clothesencounters and decided to give it a try - most of the time when I see hair tutorials on yt, the gurus make it look easy but it's actually not (at least for me LOL) but this is just as easy as it looks, no effort required and you get very beautiful and natural waves! :D I love it!

The results:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mini NYX Haul

So I'm happy that I was finally able to sell my first year chem textbook today for $100 and last friday selling my stats textbook for $65, now guess what I do with the money? Buy more shit. you can't stop me LOL.... I'm hopeless I tell ya....hopeless. ><"

L- R: Mellow Yellow (single e/s), Glam Gold & Las Vegas (Glitter on the Go)
i've been eyeing for a true gold since forrrreevverrr

so pretty!!! I can stare at this all day! 
oh and now glitter is all over my desk lol.... =/
swatches...they all need a really good base in order to show up well - glitter is
understandable cause it needs to adhere but the yellow is just mehhh but I got
it anyways cause I don't see yellow eyeshadow around drugstores much...
***click on picture for enlargement & more detailed view!! :)

I know yellow eyeshadow seems a little crazy but that's what Halloween is all about right? hehehe take a guess of what I'm gonna be this year XD Now for the glitter stuff, I'll be heading out to Sephora soon to pick up that new Too Faced Glitter Glue! :D once I get it all done pat I'll be doing tutorials which I still have to finish my bold lips series....oopsies!~ I promise I will do that soon :)

Moon Festival OOTD/OOTN #2 (feat. all my current favourite pieces)

Blouse - Forever 21
Gray Shorts & Belt - Sirens
Bag - Louis Vuitton (Odeon MM)
Crocodile Double Ring - Aldo 
Watch - Agnis b.
Shoes - Aldo (Kosorog)
Nail Polish - Essie (Tart Deco)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Back-to-School Haul #2

ohhhh yeaaaaahhh babyyy~~ back to school oh so exciting!......not. =/

I've been wanting a denim jacket for a while and Zara has one that is super cute but 
costs $60 sooo....i decided to go for these ones at half the price, but they are more 
cropped than what I had in mind, not sure if this is still a keeper yet.
Hooded Denim Jacket (Sirens - $29)
rolled up the sleeves
Totally love this for it's versatility. And since we are heading in the fall/winter season
I wanted to get these for wearing some patterned tights underneath them! :) 
Pleated Gray Shorts (Sirens - $10)

GOSH makeup sale!!
L - R; Cover Me Up Makeup Mousse in 01 Ivory & Eyeshadow Quattro in 045 Glamour Girl
all shimmery shades but they're really pretty! down fall though is that, it's not
as pigmented as I had expected but they are good for a natural look.
I think these items are gonna be discontinued b/c they were in the clearance section
and was marked down from $20 to $7 (a total bargain!!! go check it out!)
has a very silky smooth texture and has a powder effect when you apply & blend it out!
this shade matches me pretty good - slightly lighter but not noticeable
(i'm sure it will match better when winter rolls along b/c i've gotten pretty tanned this summer lol)

the one thing I've been eyeing on for the longest time is finally here!!! yayy!! 
I got the last size 7 wooot! "when it comes back it's yours that's how you know~" :3
Kosorog (Aldo - $75)
I've been needing some new shades for a while now and saw these at F21 :)
The leopard print frame ones are also tempting but I haven't found one with
a shape that suits my face shape I'll be on the look out still
(Forever 21 - $6.80)
SUPER CUTE BLOUSE!!! i absolutely adore the bows!
(Forever 21 - $21.80)
NOOOO MORE SPENDING/HAULING I SWEAARRR, this summer I've gotten a bit out of control lol and I need to stop. ><"