Friday, September 9, 2011

Back-to-School Haul #2

ohhhh yeaaaaahhh babyyy~~ back to school oh so exciting!......not. =/

I've been wanting a denim jacket for a while and Zara has one that is super cute but 
costs $60 sooo....i decided to go for these ones at half the price, but they are more 
cropped than what I had in mind, not sure if this is still a keeper yet.
Hooded Denim Jacket (Sirens - $29)
rolled up the sleeves
Totally love this for it's versatility. And since we are heading in the fall/winter season
I wanted to get these for wearing some patterned tights underneath them! :) 
Pleated Gray Shorts (Sirens - $10)

GOSH makeup sale!!
L - R; Cover Me Up Makeup Mousse in 01 Ivory & Eyeshadow Quattro in 045 Glamour Girl
all shimmery shades but they're really pretty! down fall though is that, it's not
as pigmented as I had expected but they are good for a natural look.
I think these items are gonna be discontinued b/c they were in the clearance section
and was marked down from $20 to $7 (a total bargain!!! go check it out!)
has a very silky smooth texture and has a powder effect when you apply & blend it out!
this shade matches me pretty good - slightly lighter but not noticeable
(i'm sure it will match better when winter rolls along b/c i've gotten pretty tanned this summer lol)

the one thing I've been eyeing on for the longest time is finally here!!! yayy!! 
I got the last size 7 wooot! "when it comes back it's yours that's how you know~" :3
Kosorog (Aldo - $75)
I've been needing some new shades for a while now and saw these at F21 :)
The leopard print frame ones are also tempting but I haven't found one with
a shape that suits my face shape I'll be on the look out still
(Forever 21 - $6.80)
SUPER CUTE BLOUSE!!! i absolutely adore the bows!
(Forever 21 - $21.80)
NOOOO MORE SPENDING/HAULING I SWEAARRR, this summer I've gotten a bit out of control lol and I need to stop. ><"

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