Monday, September 12, 2011

Mini NYX Haul

So I'm happy that I was finally able to sell my first year chem textbook today for $100 and last friday selling my stats textbook for $65, now guess what I do with the money? Buy more shit. you can't stop me LOL.... I'm hopeless I tell ya....hopeless. ><"

L- R: Mellow Yellow (single e/s), Glam Gold & Las Vegas (Glitter on the Go)
i've been eyeing for a true gold since forrrreevverrr

so pretty!!! I can stare at this all day! 
oh and now glitter is all over my desk lol.... =/
swatches...they all need a really good base in order to show up well - glitter is
understandable cause it needs to adhere but the yellow is just mehhh but I got
it anyways cause I don't see yellow eyeshadow around drugstores much...
***click on picture for enlargement & more detailed view!! :)

I know yellow eyeshadow seems a little crazy but that's what Halloween is all about right? hehehe take a guess of what I'm gonna be this year XD Now for the glitter stuff, I'll be heading out to Sephora soon to pick up that new Too Faced Glitter Glue! :D once I get it all done pat I'll be doing tutorials which I still have to finish my bold lips series....oopsies!~ I promise I will do that soon :)

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