Monday, October 24, 2011

GEO Princess Mimi - My First Circle Lenses

I'm so happy that for once my order on facebook for a pair of contact lenses actually worked out and I got them. I almost felt like giving up, as there always seems to be some problem and then I never get it...sigh~ but ALAS I GOT THEM SUCCESSFULLY! hooray!!! :D

I got 2 pairs from the Princess Mimi Series: Apple Green and Chocolate with -4.00 prescription for both eyes (yes, i'm really blind lol). Although these lenses are 15mm in diameter and thus give an enlarging effect, they both look somewhat natural for a pair of circle lenses. I like how the green lenses aren't over powering or too bright of a green cause most of the time it's too fake and unflattering imo.  I wore the brown lenses today for ~6hrs and they were really comfortable; no dryness or irritations, so 2 thumbs up! :) Overall I do like these however, maybe b/c i'm not used to it yet? but personally i feel like they are still a little too dolly for me hahaha :P

Each pair of lenses came with a case :)
WMW 303 - Apple Green
WMW 304 - Chocolate
Brown with Quatchi my hairy man kekekeke
dunno why my contacts look a little bit more of a reddish brown in these pictures...
all matchy matchy with sumi's outfit XD

I guess I might be wearing these for Halloween :P Hope you all had a great weekend! And thanks for reading :) <3

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kitty Love?

Close up of the kitty print & cutting of the dress  
the small waistline is emphasized and makes it very fitted and flattering!:)

Black Jacket - Sirens
Navy Blue Kitty Printed Dress - H&M
Leggings - Sirens
Shoes - Aldo
Pink Sequined Knit Beret - H&M
Bag - Chloe
Nail polish - Peridot by Chanel

Saturday High Tea, OOTD #4 and H&M Haul

Each high tea set was $34 and it comes with delicious food, yummy tea, friendly service and great atmosphere. Totally recommended! (this is located near Urban Fare)

Outfit of the Day

Black jacket - Sirens
White Knit Vest - bought in Italy
Floral Pantyhose - fb shop
Crossbody bag - Chloe
Red Boots - Zara

H&M Haul

Sparkly Black Sweater
details/close up :)
Pink Sequined Knit Beret
Dark Gray Patterned Leggings
Kitty Patterned Dress
Sparkly Shorts
has a pocket you can barely see hahaha & zipper on the side

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Ready-to-Wear Winter Zara Outfit

In my recent fb status I said: 
I'm so scrubby looking these days that after i put on my new Zara outfit...

dad says to mom "seeee she's now pretty wearing pretty clothes"
mom says "so you're saying she's not pretty?! :O"
dad goes "well no...she's prettier wearing the new clothes"

sigh~~ what the fuck is school doing to me?!?! TT______TT not cute.
Coincidentally the 3 items I picked out really go together. Here's the new outfit I was talking about lols I think I'm ready to embrace the winter weather hahaha XD

Short Fur Quilted Anorak
Close up Details
small detailed pattern
there's a hidden pocket inside! 
looool don't know why I would need this info card....but okay XD
Jacquard Dress (Kids hahaha) - super cute!
Brogue Stretch Boot 
love this!

I've already worn the boots out today, I really like them except the leather is very new and still stiff so my footsies got really tired from doing a lot of walking/running around school. ><" I'm officially done my first round of midterms yay! Now I have time to play with my new goodies, stay tuned for more tutorials or maybe face of the day's?!(but that's if it's sunny and there's good lighting :P) Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting spoiled on Thanksgiving

So my parents were gone for a whole week to Hawaii with my sister to celebrate her anniversary with her hubby, along with my baby niece and her mother-in-law. Thus, my bro and I were left in van alone. It was a hectic week for me because of midterms, I was so exhausted and sleep deprived I slept until 3pm last saturday! lol ><" Anyways, they all came back yesterday early morning and now I just feel like all my hard work and home aloneness was worth it ahahahhaa <3 XD

My first Urban Decay eyeshadows! :D yes, the infamous naked palette! woooot
Totally in love with the packaging, the velvet is sooooo soft lol i love touching it XD
Can't wait to play with the colors! but the whole thing is so pretty I kinda
don't wanna ruin it LOL
I asked for the Deluxe Shadow Box palette instead of the Urban Ammo palette
because the other one has sin and smog duplicated with the naked palette
The bag is so cute!! I'm def keeping it lol even though I really doubt I'll use it ever again XD 
My first Chanel polish, it's like a dream come true lol 
The duochrome of this is gorgeous!
Chloe "Ethel" - small bag in lambskin
Strap Detailing
close up :)
has one pocket inside
Legit Chloe <3333 feeling so spoiled :3

They asked me what I wanted and I only told them about the 2 palettes and nail polish, I was totally not expecting a brand named bag! I was so shocked. My sister is eyeing/jellying my Chloe bag even though she already got her Chanel nylon bag, Ferragamo sunglasses and other brand name goodies lol. I guess you just can't get enough. They said originally they were gonna get me the Burberry Medium Nova Check Crossbody Bag, but that one is too similar to my Louis Vuitton Odeon and then they saw this cuter one so they returned the other one and got me this instead :D hehehe.

I hope you guys all had a great thanksgiving and thanks for reading! toodles~ :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bold Lip Series: Inspired Red Lip #1

This week has just been so insane because of midterms i'm so glad it's the long weekend! :D Anyways, I didn't feel like doing anything productive after school today so I decided to continue my inspired bold lips series, now I'm all made up with no where to go lol ah wells hope you guys enjoy this :)

Today's look was inspired by this photo I randomly saw on my tumblr dashboard, it's super easy to do because it only consists of one eyeshadow for the lids. *Note I don't own much hot pink stuff so this is the closest I could come to, and I actually prefer the pink that I have cause it's more wearable ^^;

Step 1: primer your lids with an eyeshadow primer, then using a hot pink base - apply it all over the lid so that your pink eyeshadow in step 2 would be more pigmented; Since I don't have anything hot pink I used my lip liner as the base instead. 

Step 2: taking a pink eyeshadow, pack it on top of the base

Step 3: take a shimmery or matte white shade and highlight your brow bone and also use it to blend out the edges of your pink eyeshadow

Step 4: line your eyes with a liquid black liner of your choice, then curl your lashes and apply mascara, if you want you can also apply some falsies like I did :) After applying falsies, go over the top with some liner to make the lashes appear more natural

The eyes are finished, now just go ahead and line your lips and apply your red lipstick to pull the look together! Hope you'd have as much fun as I did :)

Products used

  • ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
  • NYX Pencil Lip Liner in Fuschia (used as base)
  • Sephora Collection 5-in-1 Colorplay Palette 
  • Maybelline Lineworks Liquid liner
  • no name lashes #415 (from IMATS Nigel Emporium Beauty Emporium booth)
  • GOSH Cover Me Up Makeup Mousse in #01 Ivory
  • ELF HD Translucent Powder
  • Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer #07
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Concealer in Creme 4-5
  • ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion
  • NYX Powder Blush in Taupe (contour)
  • NYC Matte Bronzer in Sunny
  • NYX Pencil Lip Liner in Hot Red
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Eros