Monday, October 24, 2011

GEO Princess Mimi - My First Circle Lenses

I'm so happy that for once my order on facebook for a pair of contact lenses actually worked out and I got them. I almost felt like giving up, as there always seems to be some problem and then I never get it...sigh~ but ALAS I GOT THEM SUCCESSFULLY! hooray!!! :D

I got 2 pairs from the Princess Mimi Series: Apple Green and Chocolate with -4.00 prescription for both eyes (yes, i'm really blind lol). Although these lenses are 15mm in diameter and thus give an enlarging effect, they both look somewhat natural for a pair of circle lenses. I like how the green lenses aren't over powering or too bright of a green cause most of the time it's too fake and unflattering imo.  I wore the brown lenses today for ~6hrs and they were really comfortable; no dryness or irritations, so 2 thumbs up! :) Overall I do like these however, maybe b/c i'm not used to it yet? but personally i feel like they are still a little too dolly for me hahaha :P

Each pair of lenses came with a case :)
WMW 303 - Apple Green
WMW 304 - Chocolate
Brown with Quatchi my hairy man kekekeke
dunno why my contacts look a little bit more of a reddish brown in these pictures...
all matchy matchy with sumi's outfit XD

I guess I might be wearing these for Halloween :P Hope you all had a great weekend! And thanks for reading :) <3


  1. hi.
    literally going through your blog entries by continuously clicking older post >>> lol
    but these lenses are really nice!
    kudos to you for buying green lenses on your first try! i still cant bring myself to try other colors besides brown lol
    try the GEO freshlook in brown! they were my first pair and theyre really pretty and more natural looking :D

    1. Can't believe I missed your comment here and only realized until now!! SORRYY!! LOL...I'm about to replace these lenses, it's almost a year now! I'll definitely go check out the GEO Freshlooks then :D