Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting spoiled on Thanksgiving

So my parents were gone for a whole week to Hawaii with my sister to celebrate her anniversary with her hubby, along with my baby niece and her mother-in-law. Thus, my bro and I were left in van alone. It was a hectic week for me because of midterms, I was so exhausted and sleep deprived I slept until 3pm last saturday! lol ><" Anyways, they all came back yesterday early morning and now I just feel like all my hard work and home aloneness was worth it ahahahhaa <3 XD

My first Urban Decay eyeshadows! :D yes, the infamous naked palette! woooot
Totally in love with the packaging, the velvet is sooooo soft lol i love touching it XD
Can't wait to play with the colors! but the whole thing is so pretty I kinda
don't wanna ruin it LOL
I asked for the Deluxe Shadow Box palette instead of the Urban Ammo palette
because the other one has sin and smog duplicated with the naked palette
The bag is so cute!! I'm def keeping it lol even though I really doubt I'll use it ever again XD 
My first Chanel polish, it's like a dream come true lol 
The duochrome of this is gorgeous!
Chloe "Ethel" - small bag in lambskin
Strap Detailing
close up :)
has one pocket inside
Legit Chloe <3333 feeling so spoiled :3

They asked me what I wanted and I only told them about the 2 palettes and nail polish, I was totally not expecting a brand named bag! I was so shocked. My sister is eyeing/jellying my Chloe bag even though she already got her Chanel nylon bag, Ferragamo sunglasses and other brand name goodies lol. I guess you just can't get enough. They said originally they were gonna get me the Burberry Medium Nova Check Crossbody Bag, but that one is too similar to my Louis Vuitton Odeon and then they saw this cuter one so they returned the other one and got me this instead :D hehehe.

I hope you guys all had a great thanksgiving and thanks for reading! toodles~ :)


  1. Tehehe! Peridot = awesomeness! :D

  2. i want to put it on sooo bad but haven't found the time yet! hopefully this weekend hehehe :D