Friday, October 14, 2011

My Ready-to-Wear Winter Zara Outfit

In my recent fb status I said: 
I'm so scrubby looking these days that after i put on my new Zara outfit...

dad says to mom "seeee she's now pretty wearing pretty clothes"
mom says "so you're saying she's not pretty?! :O"
dad goes "well no...she's prettier wearing the new clothes"

sigh~~ what the fuck is school doing to me?!?! TT______TT not cute.
Coincidentally the 3 items I picked out really go together. Here's the new outfit I was talking about lols I think I'm ready to embrace the winter weather hahaha XD

Short Fur Quilted Anorak
Close up Details
small detailed pattern
there's a hidden pocket inside! 
looool don't know why I would need this info card....but okay XD
Jacquard Dress (Kids hahaha) - super cute!
Brogue Stretch Boot 
love this!

I've already worn the boots out today, I really like them except the leather is very new and still stiff so my footsies got really tired from doing a lot of walking/running around school. ><" I'm officially done my first round of midterms yay! Now I have time to play with my new goodies, stay tuned for more tutorials or maybe face of the day's?!(but that's if it's sunny and there's good lighting :P) Have a great weekend!

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