Saturday, November 12, 2011

Retail Therapy Haul [edited/updated: 11/20/11]

To explain my lack of update...the past 2 weeks have been absolutely insane for me.....being super sick, midterms, presentation, assignments, paper and boothang deal going on lol i had no free time for myself! I'm so glad it's over now, so I come back with a haul hehehe XD shopping just sooth and releases my stress haha

**edit/update: i only bought 2 new things so I didn't exactly want to start another post just for something so i decided to add it in to this post and made a few other changes too, hope you guys don't mind :P

I first went to H&M to return this chiffon like open back romper....originally I was gonna wear this to clubbing but then I decided to save some money (which was btw total fail....cus i ended up spending even more) and my bf said I looked hotter in the other dress I already yeah :P

I ended up buying this dress pretty but so expensive it was $60
so I'm still debating if I should keep this, cus I dunno when I'd actually get the
chance to wear this out.... ><" (update: ended up returning this as well lol)
pleathered waistband
Next I went to urban behaviour cause they're having a 50% off sale on the entire store this weekend till monday...soooo i bought some things lol
sweater - $30
over-sized chunky knit sweater - $20
love this!
Last time styling this blouse was not well thought out
so I re-styled it for a possible interview outfit and took a picture :) 

I still need to iron it though.... lol
I had the urge to exchange this as well b/c the structure of the blouse is a little awkward
but nope - i'mma 
keep this now hehe
After returning the H&M dress I walked into forever 21 and bought two
tops - which ended up almost equivalent to the much for
"saving" money ehh? lol ><" Anyways... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TOP!!
i love the jewels on this! and it's not only bejeweled in the front but also
in the back, which I really appreciate. :) But you have to be careful not
to snag this on anything...I spent like 10 min at the store looking for a perfect one :O
The second top I bought from FXXI was this sheer dusty rose
cropped button down - perfect couple with my H&M lattice necklace <3 
Shoulder Details
I've been eyeing to get one of these sheer crop tops for a while now, but
never got one because they were always sooo expensive! This however,
was only $23.80 :)

I planned on doing this post yesterday but, i was too busy finishing my paper lol...i also wanted to do a "get ready with me" post since I was gonna get all glammed up for my girly's birthday....but that didn't happen either LOL...I'll redo the look and post it another day :) stay tuned and hope you guys are having a wonderful long weekend! hehe

**edit/update: I'll be doing a holiday series soon and a post on new skin care stuff I've been trying out (I just need catch the natural sunlight for better quality pictures =__=;) ....stay tuned :)

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