Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Haul, OOTD #6 & Seattle Shopping Trip

Alas! This semester is finally over! 8D woot! I think this has to be one of the most stressful and busiest semester I've ever had, every week seemed to have flown by so quickly because i was always occupied with loads of work & assignments. All my marks have been released today, and thank goodness my gpa didn't drop or remain the same, but rather increased!! I'm so happy :D hehe and now I don't feel bad for the amount of retail therapy i've done throughout the past few months cause i can now say, I genuinely deserved everything. XD LOLOLOL. <3 and yes, that's how I self comfort and make my wallet feel better :3 lol

Christmas Haul

Finally found some good quality leather shorts 
H&M - $29.95

Christmas present for my secret santa :D 
I've been needing some trousers/pants for job interviews, pant-wise besides jeans
and shorts I have nothing appropriate for more formal occasions lol

H&M - $39.95
Skinny legged, I also bought the mustard yellow top ($12.95) that i wore in my
OOTD I was so happy when i got these cus I originally saw them 2 weeks
ago but held back and didn't buy it so I didn't expect it to be still in store
but it was (after i did some snooping around)! And I used the $10 off coupon hehe
Outfit of the Day #6 & Seattle Shopping 

Pleather Biker Jacket - Urban Behaviour
Dark Navy Hoodie - Tommy Hilfiger
Mustard Long Sleeve Top - H&M
Black Leggings - Sirens
Crossbody bag - Mango
White Scarf - no name/unbranded

Christmas present from my brother :) 

I bought another Maybelline The Falsies mascara....I believe this is my 4th tube
and I think this is saying a lot lol (at least for now, I haven't seen any new mascaras that
I want to try....) I need to throw out the other 2 tubes haha
we went to get mom's all time favourite hehe
What the guys bought :P (excuse the bad quality of the rest of the
pictures, cause these were taken by my phone and not from the camera!)
Korean BBQ @Southgate Garden

yummyyyyy :9 and we all smelled like korean bbq after hahaha!

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