Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Day Sweetness

Beauty World - #586 Sweet Nail Cocktail

I really love these polishes! They dry amazingly fast and I guess since this was made for a gradient affect nail art, everything blends in together very well and the application requires ZERO effort lol. The only down side to this is that there are only 4mL of polish in each bottle! If I ran out of this....I'd be pretty devastated and sad :(

By the way....if I was getting ready for Valentine's day I would definitely wear this. This is very cute and girly and definitely perfect for the occasion! I know that this nail polish set is not available in Canada but feel free to just take this as an inspiration and use your own colors and creativity!  <3

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hong Kong & Korea Goodies from my Loved Ones

HK Haul

Jill Stuart Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection
Limited Edition Fairy Garden Collection Set 
This has to be the cutest and most girly makeup bag I've ever seen & owned!

There are 2 scented sachets but i haven't opened them to smell it yet though :P 
Jelly Lipgloss - #103 Crystal Kiss

Jewel Crystal Eyes -  #104 Fragile Opal
The colors are absolutely gorgeous!!!I wore this the other night in my last
post but I forgot to take a picture of my makeup lol I'll be sure
to show you guys another time :)

Nail Lacquer N - #46 Shiny Prism
The set didn't come with the nailpolish, this was actually something they
chose and bought me separately 
Jelly Eye Color - #12 Twinkle Star
the texture feels exactly as the name says...JELLY! 

Loose Powder N - #101 Twinkle Dust
The little pom pom wrapped around the cap can be used as a hair tie! so cute!
I actually didn't know what this loose powder was for, my sister told me it's a setting powder
but.....there's a lot of shimmer/fine sparkle in it....so I don't think I want to
make my face look like a disco ball with this lol. For now, I'll use it as
a nice highlighting powder? I dunno...I'll figure it out and get back to you guys
on this haha. And the purpleness in the powder is suppose to even out the
yellowness in asian skin tones. 
Majolica Majorca's newest mascara - Lash King!
Claims to volumize, give super length to lashes and separate;
Long Lasting: waterproof, sweat proof, oil & tear proof; and
coat all lashes at once! (Sounds amazing right?! I'll do a separate
review on all the makeup stuff later)
The infamous Dolly Wink Eyeliner! Finally get to try it yay!
Super fine and pointy brush tip!
Exactly what i need cause my liquid liner is on the edge of running out! :D
Miscellaneous :P
Cute earrings, bracelet and bow hair tie! 
The star necklace has a really long chain and the big fuzzy bow is a big hair clip
when you tie your hair in a pony tail
Unfortunately this can be easily tangled =_=; so I'm hanging
it off my 
closet door knob at the moment 
Cute Dumbo Ring! Extremely bling bling and flashy lol
Too bad it's a little too big, but no worries cause it's fixable
with wearing another ring on top of it hehehe
L-R: Beauty World Dot Artist Set, Beauty World Blossom Nail Cocktail (Green),
Beauty World Sweat Nail Cocktail (Pink), DHC Cuticle Treatment Oil (Blue Moonlight)
Can't wait to do my nails!! :D
My New Baby <3

I would like to take individual pictures but there is just way too many to
showcase all in one post....so 
expect to see these in upcoming OOTD/OOTN posts! :) 
My Closet is completely overfilled already so...I don't know what 
I'm gonna do with these 2 new stacks of clothes @___@ lololol
They got me this shirt just cause it has my name on it XD!!! haha
Cute poncho anyone? It even has a tail! hahaha :3 I dunno what anime 
character this is...so if anyone knows please tell me lol
Guess what I am for this halloween (that's 9 months away)? lmao
I will be/am awesome XD
Korea/Boyfriend Haul

My Birthday Present - I didn't know he would go about his way to pick out 
clothes for me, I was completely in awe <333
Top row: first two are oversized sweaters, the last one is a dress;
Bottom Row: Dark Gray Plain V-neck shirt, Plaid shirt and a pair of shorts
He even got me an early Valentine's Day present!! <3

I know what I'm gonna be doing this reading break aside from studying lol....cleaning and reorganizing my room and closet XD hahaha. Anyways hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! See you in my next post! <3

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Hate Goodbyes

Denim Biker Jacket - Fans-House (from Hong Kong)
Black Slip Dress - no name (from Hong Kong)
Faux Fur Vest - H&M
Owl Necklace - bought from fb online store
Rings - Forever 21 & Aldo
Bag - Balenciaga 
Brogue Stretch Boot - Zara

After having a family dinner at my sister's place, I went to see my bf before he left. I feel like such a sap whenever it comes to saying goodbyes....i told myself not to tear up but i still did...sigh~ :'( Anyways, as you've noticed I've featured a few new pieces...be expecting a HK haul soon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Little Black Dress & My Birthday

January 19th (Actual Day of my Birthday): Got off school and went to Mink Chocolates with my beloved wifey and then I headed down to richmond to have dinner at Italian Tomato and have cake with my family :)

Top - Bottom: Drinking Chocolate (70% cacao! Super rich and thick! very yummy,
except you get kinda over filled with the richness and sweetness after drinking half of  it lol);
Traditional Chocolate Fondue (we ordered 70% of course and the traditional fondue
just comes with seasonal fruit & some mini cake slices); Hot Chocolate (70% cacao, but after
taking one sip of the drinking chocolate, all of a sudden this didn't taste like much chocolate
in comparison lololol - however, both wifey and i thought that it's much better to
just stick with regular hot chocolate next time because drinking chocolate's richness
takes away everything and you get filled up with it after sipping half of it XD)

I really loooveeee the bacon scallops, these are so yummy!!

January 21st (Hosted a Birthday Party with Friends): We had Dine Out Vancouver at Al Porto Ristorante and then went to hit the club afterwards. :P I didn't have time to take pictures of the food and also forgot about it lol. Service was good and quick, we didn't have to wait long for our food even when there was 14 of us. The food was okay overall, the Beef Carpaccio  and Insalata Tomato Bocconcini for the appetizers were delicious but nothing exceptionally spectacular for the taste of the main entrees....the Spiedino Brochette proportion was just wayyyy too small and everyone who ordered it did not have their stomachs satisfied lol. My bf had to ask for more bread to temporarily fill his stomach and we are no beasts what-so-ever (at least for that night) fyi hahaha XD Dessert was alright too...but not the best. If I were to give an overall grade....it would be a B-.

Cut Out Shoulder Dress - Forever 21
Velvet & Lace Clutch - Jill Stuart
Glitter Stilettos - Forever 21 

I actually had the hardest time finding the perfect dress for my birthday party because the holidays & party season is over. But the Forever 21 store at Richmond Centre actually has a lot of new stuff that you can find on the online store and had more sales than the Metrotown location! Tbh, When it first opened I much preferred the Metro one, but after this visit I'm starting to change my thoughts. 

When I first picked out the dress from the rack, I didn't think I'd buy it because I'm one of those unfortunate girls with a tres petite bust size, so I never go for clothes that emphasizes that part of the body, let alone a sexy deep v-neck dress. But this one, although sexy and revealing....isn't actually revealing at all (if you get what I mean). lol Because the dress is very fitted all your essential body parts are well covered and protected XD hahaha oh and I bought the heels for only $19 (yellow tag deal) and they are so gorgeous!! Except, they made me really conscientious of my height cus I went from 5'6 to 5'11 lmfao I was tallest girl at the club. XD

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mini Haul & Swatches

Daiso Lashes! (The big pack was $6.50 and the sparkly pair was $2)
Close up :)
Yesterday after school while I was waiting for my brother, I walked into Shoppers and they had a lot of sales going on, and I spotted the Revlon lipsticks on sale for $3.99 each (except for the colorburst lipsticks)!!! I was soooo happy and excited lol....The limit was 4, so I maxed it out and got 4 hahaha, if it's more than 4 it'd be $5.99 each.

Revlon Superlustrous Lipsticks
L-R: Fuchsia Fusion, Primrose, Just Enough Buff, Va Va Violet
Soooo pretttyyyyyy~~
Hand Swatches
L-R: Va Va Violet, Just Enough Buff, Fuchsia Fusion, Primrose

All the color pigmentation of these lipsticks were great except for Va Va Violet....as you can see from the first lip swatch it's quite blotchy when applied to the lips for some odd reason... So then I went back and put on a nude lip liner underneath the lipstick and I got a much more smooth and even application. I guess if it's fixable with a lip liner it's no big deal, just a slight disappointment when all the other colors are fine except for this bold one.

Lips lined with a nude liner and topped with Va Va Violet 
**Tip: be sure to clean up the edges of your lip with a concealer if you're putting on such a dark vampy lippie! I find that it is especially 100x more noticeable and you cannot get away like fuchsia and red lips without cleaning up the edges :O

I actually bought two more things, but I will do a separate post on them when I do my outfit of the night. I'm excited!!! Only 2 more days till my birthday :D and 3 more until le bf comes back!! <3

Full Face
Va Va Violet
Just Enough Buff

I actually have on the glittery daiso lashes...but I guess what you pay is what you get, a lot of the glitters have already fallen off and it's not even that noticeable =_________=; sigh~ oh well...