Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Little Black Dress & My Birthday

January 19th (Actual Day of my Birthday): Got off school and went to Mink Chocolates with my beloved wifey and then I headed down to richmond to have dinner at Italian Tomato and have cake with my family :)

Top - Bottom: Drinking Chocolate (70% cacao! Super rich and thick! very yummy,
except you get kinda over filled with the richness and sweetness after drinking half of  it lol);
Traditional Chocolate Fondue (we ordered 70% of course and the traditional fondue
just comes with seasonal fruit & some mini cake slices); Hot Chocolate (70% cacao, but after
taking one sip of the drinking chocolate, all of a sudden this didn't taste like much chocolate
in comparison lololol - however, both wifey and i thought that it's much better to
just stick with regular hot chocolate next time because drinking chocolate's richness
takes away everything and you get filled up with it after sipping half of it XD)

I really loooveeee the bacon scallops, these are so yummy!!

January 21st (Hosted a Birthday Party with Friends): We had Dine Out Vancouver at Al Porto Ristorante and then went to hit the club afterwards. :P I didn't have time to take pictures of the food and also forgot about it lol. Service was good and quick, we didn't have to wait long for our food even when there was 14 of us. The food was okay overall, the Beef Carpaccio  and Insalata Tomato Bocconcini for the appetizers were delicious but nothing exceptionally spectacular for the taste of the main entrees....the Spiedino Brochette proportion was just wayyyy too small and everyone who ordered it did not have their stomachs satisfied lol. My bf had to ask for more bread to temporarily fill his stomach and we are no beasts what-so-ever (at least for that night) fyi hahaha XD Dessert was alright too...but not the best. If I were to give an overall would be a B-.

Cut Out Shoulder Dress - Forever 21
Velvet & Lace Clutch - Jill Stuart
Glitter Stilettos - Forever 21 

I actually had the hardest time finding the perfect dress for my birthday party because the holidays & party season is over. But the Forever 21 store at Richmond Centre actually has a lot of new stuff that you can find on the online store and had more sales than the Metrotown location! Tbh, When it first opened I much preferred the Metro one, but after this visit I'm starting to change my thoughts. 

When I first picked out the dress from the rack, I didn't think I'd buy it because I'm one of those unfortunate girls with a tres petite bust size, so I never go for clothes that emphasizes that part of the body, let alone a sexy deep v-neck dress. But this one, although sexy and revealing....isn't actually revealing at all (if you get what I mean). lol Because the dress is very fitted all your essential body parts are well covered and protected XD hahaha oh and I bought the heels for only $19 (yellow tag deal) and they are so gorgeous!! Except, they made me really conscientious of my height cus I went from 5'6 to 5'11 lmfao I was tallest girl at the club. XD


  1. You look so pretty! Happy belated birthday!

    And I know how you feel about the height issue. I'm 5'6" as well and I try to keep my heels to min 3 inches to refrain from feeling like a tower :P and it doesn't help my friends are so

    1. Awee Thank you!! <3

      lmao yes!!! no one wanted to stand next to me when we were taking a group picture at the restaurant so I had to bend down to fit in :S lol and sometimes i just can't help getting higher heels because they just look prettier XD sigh~