Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Earthy Comfort

Boyfriend Sweater & Mustard Yellow Infinity Scarf: no name/brand  
Leg Warmer Leggings: mi-tu 
(all gifted from Hong Kong)

I am absolutely loving these leggings! Not only is it soft and comfortable but also a 2 in 1! The leg warmers are actually part of the pants themselves. However, being a shopaholic, I still want to get the individual leg warmers haha :D The mustard yellow infinity scarf is another interesting piece; the scarf is actually spit into two different knit patterns - half of the scarf is chunky while the other half has a finer pattern, so when you loop it around your neck you get two different textural pattern layering look. :)

So......I had another one of those brutal 12 hour days at school yesterday (8:30am to 9:30pm) which explains for me lack of effort to dress up, forgive me lol I better ace this organic chem midterm for all the studying and effort I've made! wish me luck? >___<"

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