Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rebellious Fairytale

Deborah Lippman - Today Was A Fairytale
Chanel - Blue Rebel

I absolutely love the combination of these two! I don't think even these pictures give justice to how sparkly and shiny "Today Was A Fairytale" is! This is super bling bling my ladies!! I can't stop staring at my own nails lol :P Surprisingly the glitter polish is actually really smooth and I don't even need a top coat to smooth it out (But I'll still put a top coat on, so it stays on longer). Both polishes dry very quickly and are very opaque, I only have on one coat of each and this is the result. Super good right? sigh~~ too bad these polishes are not mine but my sister's lol I borrowed I must go out and buy myself some Deborah Lippmann and Chanel polishes! 

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