Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara

Introducing the newly released mascara from Shiseido's Majolica Majorca 
Spring 2012 makeup collection......LASH KING! 
I wanted to review this earlier but at the same time I also wanted to use this 
quite a few times/1-2 weeks before sharing my opinion. First things first...The 
packaging is sooo pretty!! XD hahaha I think Japanese makeup packaging 
never fails to impress me. <3 Anyways, My sister bought this for me from Sasa Cosmetics
 for $158 HKD (which is converts to approx. $22 CDN)

Lash King has a straight bristle brush, or what they call the "acrobatic catch brush"
which coats each individual lash and separates them at the same time. 
Lash King contains 5mm long micro fibers to help lengthen your lashes
and along with the formula it contains Volume Impact Wax and
Volume Powder, to adhere better to your lashes and provide you with voluminous lashes!

And of course, as most of us ladies are concerned with getting raccoon eyes, Lash King also contains Speedy Dry Oil that will not only hold your perfect curls but also make the mascara waterproof, sweat proof, sebum proof, and tear proof.

From Bare Lashes to One Coat then Two Coats of Mascara

As a typical Asian girl feature I have short, stick straight lashes that are almost non-existent le sigh~ and they desperately need help :( lol. So when I buy mascaras what I look for is basically everything one can offer....volume, length and holding a curl is a NECESSITY (usually a waterproof formula will do the job so yes, it needs to be waterproof as well). If the mascara can't hold my curl...i will immediately return it, give it away etc...I won't waste a second more on it. Holding a curl is important to me, because if it doesn' won't even see my pathetic lashes - then what's the point of even having a mascara right? 

.........So what do I think about this mascara???

- Lengthens & Volumizes
- Holds my curls and is long lasting
- Waterproof (I've tested it in the shower! :P)
- Separates lashes quite well
- Lashes are still soft after application
- Not hard to wash/take off with makeup remover

- Not black enough for my liking 
- Fibers tend to clump and concentrate at the tip of the brush (so you need to point your wand up and straight to coat your lashes and get the fibers on for optimal length)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

All in all....of course compared to my drugstore favourite Maybelline's The Falsies, Lash King definitely over rides it with the length that the fibers give me and keeping them separated at the same time. If only the blackness of Lash King was more intense like The Falsies and have a less dry formula I'd give it 5/5. Another thing I like about this mascara is that it's buildable - your lashes don't get clumpy when you put on more layers. I'd definitely repurchase this mascara if I can get my hands on it again but if not, I guess I'm still happy with The Falsies considering that this is quite pricey :)

I hope this review was helpful and stay tuned for more :) the upcoming posts will probably be on some skin care products! Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. I really want to try this mascara, hope I cant get it soon <3 :P