Saturday, April 28, 2012

End of Semester Haul & What I've Been Up To

Hi Everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts but I've been pretty busy even after the semester ended. As promised I'm back with a haul along with some exciting things to share! :D

I'm getting ready for summer! I got a pair of cute sandals from Zara's kids section hahaha
Fantasy Fashion Sandal $35.90 CDN
A bit pricey for a pair of sandals but it's better quality and I think it's actually not as expensive as
Aldo. Plus, it's regular price is cheaper than the adult section's shoes and there's only one tax! 

Finally got my all-time favourite cleanser - Dermalogica's Clearing Skin Wash! This is especially made for acne-prone people and I have to say that this is the only thing that has significantly helped prevent and treat acne from my face. I highly recommend this cleanser!!! I'll do a review on it soon! :) I also decided to try out their toner - not sure how I feel about it yet so I'll update later.

Free Samples!
L-R: Darphin Anti-Fatigue Smoothing Eye Gel (for dark circles), La Colline Pure & Mat Fluid
and La Colline Cellular Emulsion (both daytime moisturizers - one is mattifying and the other
is just anti-aging and hydration)
Now as for the exciting things I wanted to share with you guys....I got hired for a volunteer position at the Heart & Stroke Foundation and I got a new wardrobe for my clothes!!! whoooo~~~ :D hahah.

Actually...the volunteer position isn't really an exciting job but I'm still making a difference right? XD I'm just part of the Administrative Data Entry Program - entering donor information to the computer system and probably other admin stuff. It'll be a good experience though, cause then I'll have more knowledge in using excel and data entry stuff. :) It's a I'll be looking for positions in the hospitals :)

The thing that has kept me away from blogging the most is getting a new wardrobe. Ever since I moved, my room has gotten a lot smaller and by closet as well lol. And if you remember, I've received a lot of clothes from HK & Korea back in January - those have been lying around in my room homeless. So after the finals, I've been cleaning up my room and then I got a wardrobe from Ikea the other day. I spent a day and half building it, and now I'm re-organizing my clothes and other stuff in my room.

Aspelund - $250 CDN
Yeee~ I have a mirror in my room! :D I'm actually not really used
to it though, it feels a little weird to catch myself in the mirror
all the time LOL XD But I'm excited that it's so convenient to
put together new outfits!

My desk and makeup collection along with other miscellaneous things used to be in this area but now I've moved my desk to the wall across from here. I'm happy for a new wardrobe but at the same time I need a new makeup storage system to have everything beauty related accommodated by my little desk. It's not like I have a ton of makeup, but I do want to somehow have everything together and not separated (ie. my little basket of skincare stuff and nail polish be close to my makeup) do you guys have any ideas for me?? >_<" I need help!

I also got a haircut! I haven't cut my hair for almost 2 years after having a bob, so my hair became really thick and long. I probably only have an overall length of 1-2 inches shorter so it doesn't look like a big difference but it feels 5 pounds lighter off my head yay! lol. :P

I hope you guys are all having a fantastic weekend!~ Next post will be a makeup tutorial! Stay tuned :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

So here I am with my thoughts on the infamous Dolly Wink Eyeliner....clearly this is another one of those products that I bought based on the the heated raves and hype over the internet. However, I'm sad to say that....i am ever so slightly disappointed. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying this is bad but I just expected it to be nothing less than perfect. This high expectation is probably due to the psychological fact that I've heard a plethora of praises and nothing but goodness in this product. I still like it a lot, but it's just a tad away from "love".

To start off, the polka-dot packaging is adorable and I absolutely love the super fine pointed and flexible brush tip it has - personally it's the best out of all the liquid liners that I've ever tried or seen. The eyeliner is pigmented and if you're looking for an eyeliner that will give you the most precise & perfect winged eyeliner look, this is it. It's also perfect for the on-the-go girls and especially good for touch ups when you have false lashes on - it reaches every spot/corner where you need it. And because of its pen-like form, it is really easy to control and makes liquid eyeliner application like a breeze. Dolly Wink eyeliner also lasts a long time on my relatively oily lids, and when tested on my hand with some rubbing, it did stay put and didn't smudge. However, this liner is only water resistant and not waterproof - with a few vigorous rubs under running water, this liner will smudge, fade and then disappear. 

Look at how thin the 2nd line is!!! Amazing! *_*
Countless swipes I've made until product came out properly after it dried.....le sigh =_=;

Now the one disappointment I had with this eyeliner is that I found it extremely annoying when I was using this to do some precise application that took longer than normal because the brush tip would turn dry and no colour would come out! I'm not sure about other people's dolly wink eyeliner, but mine seems to have started off dry from the very beginning, so the fact that I left this exposed to air longer than average (because I was experimenting with a makeup look) i had to shake this repetitively for a longgggggg period of time before the brush tip had product and became moist/wet again. I'm also thinking that it might be because when you are applying it, the pen tip is facing up while all the product is going the opposite direction - hence the reason for temporary lack of product & dryness. So, i highly recommend and strongly suggest storing this product with the tip facing downwards.

If you have this Dolly Wink eyeliner, please let me know if you've experienced the (relatively long) temporary dryness due to longer exposure to air! Maybe I'm the unlucky one? Or I guess I will not do experimental looks with this eyeliner anymore lol....I still like this eyeliner though, it's definitely worth a try. Just be careful.

Overall Rating: 9/10

ps. I apologize for the lack of posts, because I'm cramming for finals right now. I'll probably be back some time next week with an exciting tutorial and maybe a haul cause I will most likely go out shopping to treat myself after my finals hahahaha XD 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bare Naked

I decided to give my nails a break from colours this week and rediscovered an all-time favourite of mine - Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Bare Naked. I realized I've worn this polish so much that there's only 1/4 left in the bottle! You guys must know how insane this means because it's so rare to ever use up this much of a bottle of nail polish! :O And guess what? I'm gonna be buying another one cause mine is getting quite thick and goopy. hehehe.

I love everything about this polish - from the packaging to the formula and the colour. I like the feel of the square glass bottle and how cute and classy it looks when it's sitting on the counter even though it's only $6 CDN for 13.3mL. I know there were complaints about the the brush being too wide and flat but this is precisely what makes the application easy and fast cause it covers a lot of surface and applies evenly. It seriously doesn't take much effort to get used to. And as for the colour...? It has the perfect medium of pink and peach tones in it that flatters a wide range of skin tones. The polish has a shiny gloss finish because of the micro shimmers in it or what they call the "Shine Release Complex", whatever it is....the polish has a nice finish without a top coat. :) Oh and yes, this does last up to 10 days if not, at least a good 7 or 8 days.

I apologize for the messy application - I should've cleaned it up first before I took pictures
but I just got wayyyy too excited to share this rediscovered love affair XD lol

If anything, I'd say this is my perfect nude polish. <3 So.....I don't think I'd need to tell you guys my overall rating on this right? ;D hahaha.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Little Bit of a Metallic Rocker Chic

Blazer - Fans-House (gift from HK)
Gray V-neck - gift from Korea
Metallic Trousers - H&M
Bag - Louis Vuitton Odeon MM

This outfit was actually worn last weekend, except I forgot to post it lol oops! I've featured these pants before from here and now that it's spring, I'm looking for new ways to wear these $20 babies (super steal right??!!) :) However, I'm lacking a pair of basic black shoes or flats to go with these pants. Black pumps work very well and I have a pair but first of all, I'm not a heel girl and secondly, whenever I wear heels everyone around me always make me feel so self conscious about my height like I'm some sort of outrageous abnormal giant :'( le sigh. So I guess I have another legitimate reason to go shopping again, yes?? hahaha :D 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Impressive Longevity

I actually bought this retractable pencil liner months ago at Walmart but totally forgot to mention about it's good deeds to you guys! Forgive me! >_< Better late than never right?! haha. Anyways, this Maybelline Eyestudio Master Drama retractable pencil liner came out in the fall and it is pigmented, smooth, creamy and glides on effortlessly. In my opinion, this is actually better than the good ol' Revlon Colorstay one! Though the Revlon one did have decent longevity, it was just way too dry and hard to apply and not pigmented enough for that reason as well. I remembered one youtube guru had to warm it up under her armpits so it'd glide on better lol.......

Another reason why I love this liner so much is because it doesn't smudge or smear, it fades. From the swatch above, I gave it a decent pressured rub with my index finger after letting the liner set for about 15-30 seconds and the results? The liner definitely faded a little, but there was zero/no smearing at all - there was only a small amount of visible transfer to my finger. I also tried to rub this off while I was in the shower later in the night, and it took me at least a good full minute of harsh vicious rubbing to get it off completely with hot water running over top. However, I don't want to say that this is waterproof because makeup products tend to perform differently on the hand than on your actual eyes and a lot of factors have an affect on the results (eg. environment, primer, sweat, oily lids, physical activity etc...). But on a typical, normal day this eyeliner does last 8-12 hrs so it is definitely a must have eyeliner - especially if you need one for your waterline.

I'm not sure if you can tell from above, but here's how it went for my waterline:
  • 1 hour later: looks just the same as when I first applied it
  • 4 hours later: the inner corner has faded a little 
  • 6 hours later: both inner corner and outer corner has faded, the liner only remains in the center where the pupil naturally lies and as you can see, there are no downward transfers from the liner which is pretty darn impressive.

**Important Note: As with all products though, there is a minor con with this amazing eyeliner and that is: it does not twist back down! So don't be fiddling with this and twist it too far up! You'll regret it lol. So far, I haven't experienced nicking off the eyeliner with the cap (thankfully *crossfingers*), so I can overlook this minor issue. :P

All in all, this is an amazing eyeliner and I definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone that's looking for a long lasting pencil liner. You should definitely go check this out the next time you're at the drugstore!

Overall Rating: 10/10