Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bag of New Tricks

A few days ago, I went over to my sister's place for dinner and she asked me to help her use up some of her cosmetics because she has too much and so much that it'll last her more than a life time lol. Oh dear, of course I'd love to help! ;) Because my sister is the high end type of gal, I now have the opportunity of owning and trying expensive makeup for free yay! :D haha. Most of these products have been used besides the Dior eyeshadow palette in Earth Tones and the Lancome gift with purchase eyeshadow quad & mascara - some people may cringe at the thought of using secondhand makeup but these are only used by my sister, so I think it's okay. Plus, how can I say no to expensive, (mostly) limited edition and good quality makeup?! 

Christian Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette - 190 Charming Fantasy and 673 Earth Tones
These shadows are smooth, velvety, pigmented and unique! I think I now understand why my sister is a Dior addict. I believe these eyeshadow palettes cost around $54 CDN which is extremely pricey but if you can afford it, I think it's worth the money. But of course, you should purchase under considerable picking and choosing of the more unique palettes.

Left to Right
Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow (Exhibition, Latte, Drama, Valcano)
YSL Palette Horizon For The Eyes
Chanel Silky Eyeshadow Duo in 71 Etoile-Soleil
Lancome: The eyeshadows are very good quality - smooth, soft and pigmented. With the Michelle Phan and Lancome hype, I think I might buy some Lancome products in the near future - especially the matte lipsticks. The finish of Drama (shimmery purple) actually reminds me of Urban Decay's Fishnet eyeshadow from the Deluxe Palette (except this is purple and the other is a pink/magenta), they both have a blue/violet hue in it which I find really attractive.

YSL: The packaging of this palette is very pretty as well as the asymmetrical eyeshadow layout. It's a shame that the shimmery white shadow in the palette is only at the surface, with one touch or one swipe, the colour will be gone. I think this shimmery white shade is the best I've seen - intense pigmentation and beautiful white shimmer. However, The quality of the dark blue and turquoise shade is a bit disappointing (more so with the dark blue) because it's not pigmented at all. In the swatch below, I had to rub my finger quite a few times in order to get a decent colour pay off on my hand (I can imagine how hard it will be putting this on my lids with a brush). So in the end, my favourite colour from this limited edition quad will have to be the shimmery white and bronze shade - good colour pay off and beautiful colour. 

Chanel: These two eyeshadows are good as an all over base colour or highlight and are made in good quality. However, personally speaking I don't think I would spend the money to get these colours. They're pretty, but I don't think they're worth it as I can easily find versatile all over base colours with cheaper alternatives. The packaging is classy and chic though. 

Beaute de Kose A-6 Aqua Tint
The white shimmery shade is actually a cream base with an aqua duochrome, the texture is velvety with a kind of softness that is hard to describe. The turquoise eyeshadow is absolutely stunning and unique, my sister said that she has not seen anything comparable or similar to this colour which I agree. I wish my camera would do all these eyeshadows more justice because this palette is just too beautiful.

Shu Uemura Bronzer in 02 Warm Sun
Christian Dior Dior Bronze Blush in 002 Sunset Fiesta
I absolutely love these two face products! The Shu Uemura bronzer is matte and perfect for contouring. At first, I was a little skeptical because the color looks quite orange and I don't want to end up looking like a oompa loompa but upon application it appears very natural on the face and the colour is easily buildable. As for Dior's Sunset Fiesta, the colours are insanely gorgeous and well put together! You basically have a highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one. I love the coral blush colours in the middle and the subtle shimmery pink highlighter is very pretty!

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes
KaneboTiffa Eyeliner in PK-1
Dolly Wink Eyeliner: I was about to tell my sister to keep this to herself because of the drying effect that I've previously experienced with my own (I've review this here). I was very skeptical about the product - thinking that it'll just be the same...but I was wrong! And this one has a much more pigmented and smooth application and most importantly, it does not have that annoying drying effect! I guess the one that I originally had might've been a defect? 

Lancome Hypnose Dolly Lashes: I will do a review on this later so stay tuned!

Tiffa Eyeliner: a shimmery pink liquid eyeliner that is in a twistable brush tip pen form. The colour is really pretty and I can't wait to wear this during the summer. Coloured eyeliners are the perfect alternative for those lazy days where you don't want to spend time on eyeshadow but still have a well polished and chic look :)

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colour in 04 Mint Sorbet
I have another Jelly Eye Color from here and I must say, these little things are too cute! Well, in general Jill Stuart products have packaging to die for. As the name suggests, this particular colour is a light shimmery frosty mint shade that I'm in love with and can't wait to use it.

Body Glitter (need to find out the name)
This body shimmer powder actually belongs to another brand instead of Ipsa, but my sister put the powder in this container for easier application. I forgot where this is from, so I have yet to find out again. She gave me this powder because summer is finally on it's way. This looks like it will a beautiful shimmer when dusted over the body - especially over the collar bone. Can't wait to try this out and get that gorgeous glowy tanned skin!

Being able to try out so much good quality and beautiful high end makeup, I'm not sure if this will be the start of another unhealthy relationship lol. 


  1. omg lucky you!!
    i wish i had an older sister lol mainly cos i can have another set of clothes and makeup collection :P
    review of the tiffa eyeliner please! ive never heard of that brand before? or is it a sub brand of koji or kao etc?
    i think out of all the palettes i would personally buy the dior one in 673 Earth Tones, it has such pretty autumn colors!

    1. Haha, too bad my sister is married and not living with the family anymore - otherwise I wish we could share clothes and makeup XD. Sure! I'll do a review on the eyeliner :) Tiffa is a sub brand of Kanebo.

  2. I love when i get free things! :)

  3. I want a generous, high end makeup loving sister! d:

  4. WOW that's sure a lot of make up. You are so lucky. Loving all the eye shadow palette. Thats the only thing I can put on my face besides mascara, eye liner and loose powder. Due to my sensitive skin I can't use foundation nor blusher. I love the Kose's mint. Looks lovely. Great review as usual dear.

    Im glad you like the Peak post. I would love to take the tram next time, and summer view sounds exciting. I can imagine the twinkling light from the skyline

    1. awww that sucks!!! oh well, foundation isn't exactly all that good for your skin anyways. I try to avoid it myself because I don't like that feeling of having something all over my face - so I do it really lightly when I need to use it for special occasions :P

  5. Kind of wishing I had an older sister who just happens to be something of a makeup enthusiast and wants to dump some of her excess products on me ;) I haven't had much of a taste of higher end makeup, so I am curious to know if there are any distinct differences in quality over cheaper alternatives. Earth Tones and the Lancome are probably my favourites in terms of shades. The YSL palette is packaged so gorgeously. Good to hear that this Dolly Wink eyeliner had none of the issues you experienced with yours, maybe it was just a bad one you bought.

  6. So far from what I can tell, these higher end eyeshadows have better quality, the shadows are more finely milled and softer and has that velvety smooth kind of feeling when you swatch them with your finger. The shadows are also less chalky and powdery (you don't get a powder mess surrounding the shadow). I have yet to test their longevity and other qualities as I haven't tried them on my lids yet but I'll let you know when I do :) And with the exception of the YSL palette, all the other brands' eyeshadows are consistently pigmented.

    Yeah, Earth Tones and the Lancome palette are colours that I generally pick out. I actually used the Earth Tones palette today and I really like it. The other Dior palette (Charming Fantasy) is more of a colour expansion for me :P