Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Polka Dots & Bows

Boyfriend Blazer - vintage
Blouse - Forever 21
Skirt - Jacob Jr.
Floral Cuff - Forever 21
Black Tights - Joe Fresh 

This is my second office outfit that I pulled together this morning in a hurry haha. I'm glad it turned out to be the medium I wanted between formal and casual - all thanks to the cute bow blouse and slightly rolled up sleeves. The polka dots on the blouse are small, so it's not showing up well on camera. I'm currently loving this boyfriend blazer that once belonged to my mom (we took out the shoulder pads, so it doesn't look funky :P), it's so versatile and perfect for the current transitioning season. 

Volunteering wasn't as bad today cause they recruited two more people during the afternoon shift (I'm not a loner anymore yay! LOL) and I got off early! I finished my box of data info so my supervisor let me off since there's no point in starting something new near the last 20 mins. :D


  1. I hate how there's a difference between office wear and regular wear. Can't we all be the same? ;_; well I guess it's to look professional, but sometimes if you look too professional, people look at you weird. Such a complicated worldd. You pulled that outfit off though. It looks great! ♥

    1. I also followed and tagged you in my post!

    2. I know right?! Office wear is so complicated >_< I wish there were some easy written guidelines so I'd be less troubled every week...can't imagine when I get an official job - hopefully that wouldn't be the same case lol. Thank you!

      Aww hehe thanks for the tag, i'll be doing it sometime soon :)

  2. Nothing like the joy from an early mark :) Such a pretty outfit that looks really polished as well. I especially love the cute bow pattern of the blouse.