Monday, May 14, 2012

What's In My Bag? - My Life.

Since I'm at school for most of my days, there are a lot of things I carry around. One time, my guy friend was nice enough to hold my bag for a few seconds while I was doing something and he asked "What do you carrying in here, your life?" HAHA. Yeap, pretty much. It feels a little weird carrying a Balenciaga to school, but this bag is honestly the perfect size for me. I used to carry a big tote bag but I just made use of the size and shoved way too much in there and it started to hurt my shoulder. I do have a backpack but it's a little inconvenient to reach for things.

Besides all this stuff, I also carry a notebook to school of course but I don't think you guys would care to see that right? haha On a day out, I try to carry as less as possible - so you'll only find my wallet, phone, keys, makeup bag, and water in here.

Nature Valley Granola Bar: convenient munchies especially good for people like me who tend to skip breakfast because I have a hard time saying goodbye to my bed in the morning lol.

iclicker: for the annoying profs who like to use these things =_=;

Calculator: taking a stats class this semester but, it seems like I don't need it cause all the calculations are pre-done on the lecture slides. There's only one thing that SFU students like about this can do the quadratic equation!

Pencil Case: self explanatory right? Actually, I only have a pencil case because I needed it for last semester's finals, normally I just shove my pens in the front pocket of my bag.

Ipod Shuffle: I love the colour green and of course, I love music :) I haven't updated it for a while though, cause my desktop computer died on me and I had all my music in there sigh~ so I'm still in the process of re-downloading music.

Mirror: it came with the bag! I actually like this because it's so handy - the fact that it doesn't fit in my makeup bag I actually reach for this more often because it's easy to find and all I have to pull it out and see my face quickly. I feel quite odd and self conscious checking myself out in the public, so I like to use my mirror fast (am I the only one?....maybe I'm weird lol or well...I'm just not that type of girl).

Keys: key chain was bought at London Drugs during the Winter 2010 Olympics - I love our cute little mascots! Too bad their faces got rubbed off :(

Miu Miu Glasses & Case: cause I'm blind lol...these are my stronger glasses but I usually wear my old ones because I need to get these adjusted, they never seem to feel comfortable.

Makeup Bag: I love this little bag because it feels so soft and velvety! I'm sure all you ladies are most interested in this little bag :P see below for more details haha

Gum: it's always good to have something that gets rid of your/other people's stinky breath :P

Juicy Wallet: my brother bought it for me as a Christmas gift a few years back while he went shopping in the states :) It's a nice wallet, but because of the signature fuzzy towel material it gets dirty easily and likes to pick up fluff.

Cellphone: Sony Ericsson K660i - my sister's old phone that she gave me. I want a new one cause the freezing and restarting thing is starting to get on my nerves =_=;

Water Bottle: I need to drink more water. I used to carry my Starbucks water bottle that a friend bought for me but it's too big to fit into my Balenciaga - especially with so much crap.

The exciting stuff? I guess haha. I don't bring out much makeup with me because I never/rarely do touch ups throughout the day. The majority of my makeup bag consists of lip products that I tend to forget to reapply LOL. So yeah....this makeup bag is kind of useless, but I like knowing that I have all the essential items when I need it.

Biotherm Mirror: got it from those gift with purchases, it has 2 mirrors - one normal and one magnifying

Contacts Case: these are only in here whenever I am wearing my lenses

Blink Lubricating Eye Drops: This eye drop is for cleaning out dust and dirt particles that make your eyes feel uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses. I used this more often when I still wore my (RPG) hard contact lenses because they catch dust way to often and make my eyes hurt and water like crazy ugh (I'm so glad I finally got my normal prescribed soft lenses!), but this is also suitable for soft lenses so I still use this once in a while when I need it.

Bobby Pins: for days when I have my hair up or when I need my hair out of my face

Band-Aid: You never know what will happen throughout your day! ;) hahah jk. I have this because of painful flats that I put my poor feet in lol.

Tide-to-Go: I'm clumsy, period.

Maybelline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: I have this with me because I didn't have a better alternative before I got my Dolly Wink eyeliner. It's not a good eyeliner and I don't recommend it but, I'm just trying to use it up.

Dolly Wink Eyeliner: good for touch ups when I have my false lashes on - I don't normally need it, but I have it just in case! Otherwise, this would stay at home, with the tip stored downwards.

Lash Grip Adhesive: this stays in here all the time...for touch ups and you never know when you need a pair of lashes to glam up your look (it happened to me quite a few times).

Tweezers: need these to pick up my lenses out of the contact lenses case, it's also good for lashes but I like to use my fingers for better control.

Yelpstick Chapstick: I loveeeee the tangerine scent it has - it smells so yummy and wonderful! It's also pretty moisturizing so I like this a lot - except I don't know where to repurchase cause I got this for free....

Revlon Lip Products: (L-R) Superlustrous lip gloss in Life's A Peach, Superlustrous Lipstick in Primrose, Colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude and Peach. The lip gloss stays in the bag because it's good and versatile for any colour. The lipsticks tend to vary quite a bit, but I like to keep a pink, a nude and a coral colour in there so I have a variety :) And yes, I love Revlon lipsticks!

And that's all I have in here! I don't have a lot of interesting stuff in my bag so I hope this didn't bore you all! XD I got this tag from EatPaintSniffGlue and SleepandWater, so I tag all of you who read this and are interested in doing this tag.  Let me know what's in your bag! I'm quite curious and nosey hehehe :3

ps. if you manage to read all the way to here, I'd like to give you a pat on the back hahaha <3


  1. I love your purse!! haha I also carry tide to go! :)

    1. Tide-to-go is the way to go!! lol I'm so clumsy, sometimes it's a little ridiculous :P

  2. I love your Balenciaga bag! This makes me want to do a 'What's in my bag' post too hehe x

    1. You should!! I look forward to seeing it hehe :D

  3. I approve of all the Revlon lip products in there ;) I have a tonne of lip stuff in my bag as well, pretty much nothing else in terms of makeup. I see you carry quite a lot of practical items, it's always good to be prepared! I have a Bal City bag in black and it is one of my most prized possessions lol. I used to wear it more but I've since switched to my MBMJ Groovee. The fantastic thing about the Bal is it's so light, I imagine all those items can be heavy but at least the bag itself isn't weighing things down by much. Loved reading this post, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hehehe Revlon makes great lip products, i love them! :P I used to carry a lot of junk in my purse, but after going to university I had to break it down to the practical items haha. I agree~ This bag is one of my most prized possessions as well! I love how it's spacious but light at the same time so I can carry all my essentials. Thank you for reading! I know this was a really long post :P <3

  4. I love your Balanciaga baaag ! :D

  5. great post :) where did you get your pencil case from? I've been looking for one like that forever!

    1. Thanks! I actually got that pencil case a long long time ago so I don't remember anymore :S sorry!!

  6. Yay, I get a pat on the back. I love Revlon lip products too. x

    1. Hahaha awww thanks for reading! I hope I didn't bore you too much :P