Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes

If you've been following me on here long enough, you probably know that I'm not the high end type of gal and especially in the mascara department because I don't think it's worth the investment in a product that is so short lived. Aside from the price, there's also one and the most important thing that I have been able to find in drugstore mascaras but not in high end ones (I will talk about this later). By the way, yes, this is only a sample size of Lancome's Hypnose Doll Lashes but I decided to do a review on it anyways because only the size and packaging is different.

I like how the brush is tapered because the pointy tip can reach the inner and outer corners easily and you don't have to worry about accidentally getting mascara on your lids and causing a mess. The bristles of the brush also separates your lashes very well and the formula isn't too thick that it'll make your lashes clump together. Even though this mascara does not give me the "doll lash" effect, I still admire it for the amount of length and fullness it gives to my pathetic short, stick straight lashes. Lancome Doll Lashes also gives you soft and luscious lashes which for once, I actually enjoy the subtlety and "naturalness" of my lashes. 

But as I've mentioned before, there is one (main) important reason as to why I don't bother investing in high end mascaras aside from the price of a short lived product and that is....they do not hold my curl! As much as I like this mascara, I would not repurchase because it's inability to hold my curl literally means nothing to my lashes. Within seconds of coating my lashes, they fell pointing straight down - which explains why my eyes are closed in my before and after photo comparison. So far, this incompetency has been relatively consistent with all the high end mascaras I've tried. I'm not saying that drugstore mascaras don't fail in this aspect, but at least when I get the waterproof version 95% of the time I have not been disappointed with my curl holding its position.

Overall Summary....

The Pros:
- lengthens and volumizes
- separates lashes (no clumping)
- tapered brush allows you to get the hard to reach places
- lashes remain soft and lush after application
- no smudging & lasts relatively long even though it's easy to remove with soap and water 

The Cons:
- expensive
- does not hold a curl
- not waterproof (both a pro and a con - depending on your preference; in this case, I would view this as less of a con because it does last long and doesn't smudge easily)

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

In general, this is not a bad fact everything is good aside from holding a curl. I think those who are born with curled lashes (or doesn't have a problem with keeping a curl) and is after a natural looking boost in length and fullness would love this mascara. For those of you with typical stick straight asian lashes like I do, it's not worth the money to buy a high end mascara and have to layer it over another one just to keep your curl and make this mascara work.


  1. wow..dear beautiful pictures! i enjoyed seeing it !

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  2. OMG I'm so disappointing of this mascara !
    Thank you so much for your review because this month I projected to buy this mascara !
    It doesn't do good cells ! OMG my love for Lancome mascara is disappearing haha
    No it's a juke, but this mascara it's not very good on you ! I hope you will find a mascara who does you beautiful and long cells !
    If you want, you can try my favorite Lancome mascara the "Precious cells" ! On me, it does so beautiful cells ! :D

    Love you <3
    Turtle <3

    PS : I really love all your review ! :D

    1. Hahaha aww well, it's just my thoughts on it this mascara might work for you since everyone's lashes are different. Oh thanks! I'll definitely take a look at that one then! :)

      Awww thank you I'm glad you like my reviews!! It means a lot to me <3

    2. haha ! Hope you also like my posts!
      I'm so jealous because where you're you can buy Nyx products !

      Turtle <3

    3. Of course I love your posts! haha yea, I'm so happy there is actual a NYX store in my area. When I go to drugstores that carry NYX the prices are quite inflated. :P

  3. I have been thinking about trying a hypnose mascara, I think it has worked well from looking at your pics so might buy this one!

    1. I hope it works out well for you then! Let me know how it goes :)

  4. I'm definitely with you on this one; I need a mascara that can hold a curl! I haven't tried any high-end mascaras before besides a Clinique one (if that counts as high-end) because none have enticed me thus far. I'm still on the hunt for my HG mascara though... Still searching for the one that will enhance my Asian eyelashes the best :P xx

    1. Hahaha yea I haven't tried a high end one that'll make me want to buy the full size yet so I'll keep looking. For now, my favourite mascara is Maybelline's The Falsies, it holds my curl and makes them presentable lol You should try it! :)

  5. yea i'm definitely not into high end mascaras too~! because most of the time, the drug store ones work just as well(if not better). one of my faves is still the cover girl lashblast <3

    xoxo <3

  6. The reason why lancome hypnose did not able to hold your eyelashes curl is due to the length of your eyelashes. This had been my problem with other mascaras too. I have a thin and barely-there eyelashes.

    1. Sigh, i hate my short stubby straight asian lashes :(