Thursday, August 2, 2012

Strawberry Milkshake

So obviously, this is definitely not a my-nails-but-better colour as I had thought but it's a very cute milky strawberry pink color nonetheless. It's also a good break from my usual glitter nails or accent coloured nail manicures. However, Sweet Heart has a streaky application, if you look closely at my middle finger you can see that there's still some noticeable streaking after two coats of application. There are also some bubbling here and there which is not captured by my camera. It's not too bad, I can live with it but it's another one of those polishes that aren't going to get fully loved due to it's application difficulties. 

OPI - Sweet Heart


  1. For some reason I've been into colours like these lately, really milky pale pinks :) Too bad that it was streaky though, I guess that's a common problem with lighter coloured polishes unfortunately.

    1. Yea it's a shame because this color is really cute - it's actually my first time buying a streaky nail polish from OPI but then again you're probably right that it's a common problem with lighter colored polishes :/