Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clutter No More!

Changing up my storage system has been something I've wanted to do for a really long time, but I could never find anything that sparked my decisiveness as an immediate must-buy until seeing this Muji 5-drawer acrylic storage online. Yes, it's plastic but it's made out of acrylic - so the case is heavily weighted and not cheap looking. I also like how the transparency makes your collection look sleek and classy. At first I couldn't get used to only being able to store products individually without stacking them to increase the amount of storage, but now I love how I can just see and grab everything all at once. The only problem left, is figuring out how I should store the remaining products that can't fit into the Muji drawer.  

Top to Bottom: false lashes, high end eyeshadows and eye primers, drugstore eyeshadows, blushes and lip products.

If you're wondering, this is how my vanity metamorphosized

I need a nicer cup holder for my pencil and tube formed products, my red Hello Kitty cup doesn't really fit in with the rest of the crew anymore haha. I really want to keep my vanity simple and clean like the very first picture, but stuff some how just always find it's way to make themselves comfortable on top of the Muji. Oh well, I guess a small bit of clutter for convenience can never be changed.

P.S although the makeup shown in the photos above is the majority of my collection it does not include everything I have, the rest of my stuff are in the drawers of my desk. I admit, I have a unhealthy appetite for makeup LOL :$

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fluttering Swirls & Twirls

I bought a pair of paper lashes a while back featured in this post and I finally decided to try them on. Halloween is approaching and I want to make use of these lashes, cause honestly...when am I gonna have another occasion to wear such a crazy look? haha. However, this plan will only work if weather permits - these lashes are too delicate and fragile to fight through a harsh and crazy night!

The set that I picked up is called Peach Blossom. You gotta admit, the designs of these lashes are just too pretty and mesmerizing to look at! But since these are paper, you can only expect that they will not last and are incredibly pricey for an expected one time use product. But I'm hoping that maybe with care, these will last me 2-3 uses *cross fingers*. The material is thicker than your average sheet of paper but not as sturdy as cardboard. You have to be very careful when handling these lashes...if you bend them they are ruined. For this reason, application is quite tricky and requires a (clean) skillful hand with lots of patience.

The lashes are really long, so I decided to split them into two-thirds and a third to fit my own eye shape. The longer the paper lash the more difficult it is to apply. The short one third lash could also be easily used on the outer third of the upper lash line to create a more "natural" statement but for the purpose of going full out and dramatic, I used them on my lower lash line. 

Brief Overview of the Makeup Look: lined my eyes with a black gel eyeliner then dipped my smudger brush into a dark brown eyeshadow and smudged the liner, extending it into a long dramatic wing. Next, taking a medium brown eyeshadow, I blended it over the dark brown to create a smokey/fading gradient. I then lined the outer two-thirds of my lower lash line with the dark brown eyeshadow and finished off with highlighting the brow bone (shimmery champagne). I also brought the colour down to blend it in with the medium brown eyeshadow.

Final Verdict: These lashes are incredibly pretty yet extremely over priced for small sheets of paper. But if you want to make a statement for a special occasion and have money to spare then these lashes are for you. Also note that these are statement pieces so yes, they may grab a lot of attention but people may stare at your lashes more than your pretty face. Just sayin' lol.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sparkles in the Sky

I'm loving Revlon polishes more and more now. Whimsical has quickly become one of my favourite glitter polishes. I just love how the colour combination and the varying sizes go together so well. As for Blue Lagoon, I'd describe it as a perfect sky blue colour - the silver micro-shimmers are absolutely gorgeous! The only complaint is that it's a bit streaky (so you need 3 layers) and can give you some air bubbles (fortunately it's not too noticeable due to the colour and the silver shimmers camouflaging it). I am currently looking for burgundy, plum or wine nail polish colours for fall, does anyone have recommendations? :P

Revlon Whimsical & Blue Lagoon