Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hi Kitten, it's Creme Puff

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of updates and posts but I'll try to get back on track this month since everything is starting to settle down. This semester has been one of those small yet progressive stages in life for me. It's tough and I'm only half way through, but I feel extremely grateful for all the wonderful people and new things that have walked into my life and changing it for the better. 

Anyways, yes, it's another photoshoot! Out of all things that happened in October, this was something more exciting and I looked forward to it the most because it was my first time being a stylist and set assistant in addition to being a filler model. YAY! Unfortunately, I, derpina was being derpy at it's best - the Halloween house party that I attended the night before was not one of the best choices I've made in terms of being responsible for the following events. sigh. I promise to be 120% awesome next time instead of 40% lol. 

So yeahhh, as a stylist for the shoot my responsibilities involved playing Nyan Cat and Checkers on the Ipad! LOL.....not. I had a massive headache that day and I cannot apologize enough for slacking! If you're reading this, I'm going to apologize again. I'm so sorry Jason! I promise to make it up to you lol. :S

An inspiration photo that I used to do my own makeup for the shoot! If you guys are 
interested in this look, let me know and I'll do a tutorial on it? (I used the Naked2 Palette)

Natalie is amazingly gorgeous! *_* 
(i'm having a small fan girl moment right here lol)

This is my favourite! <3

I know this is a really awkward transition from Natalie's amazingly gorgeousness to my random pikachu derpyness but we have to switch somewhere right? hahaha. Did you guys dress up for Halloween this year? I want to know!

[Outfit details: Fans-house jacket; Forever 21 tank top; Garage bodycon skirt; American Apparel belt; no name patterned tights]  

Photographer: Jason Mordeno
Model: Natalie Rehberg
Fashion Design: Ellebay
MUA/Hair: Jenny Choi
Photo-Assist: Douglas Hsieh


  1. Very cute Pikachu one-sy! & you look hot in all black ^.~ Very nice photoshoot<3


  2. oooh your face is so pretty! it's like you're all sorts of asian mixed into one :)
    (plz take that as a compliment hahahha ^_^")
    i love your close up pic where you can see your eye makeup and lashes :D

    1. awww thank you lol. you're definitely a first to say i look like all sorts of asian mixed into one haha! <3

  3. You're absolutely stunning babe!! ^^ I would have to say that I also love the closeup one of you! :) I hope I can get amazing shots like these someday so that when I'm old and wrinkly I can have something to look back on and reminisce about my younger years, haha. Those stockings are <3! :D xx

    1. LOLLLLL!! I never thought about doing these photoshoots in that way, but that is definitely another reason for me now! All these shoots that I've done all give me great memories that I'll definitely remember for the rest of my years :)

  4. you look super duper gorgeous!! ^_~

  5. How exciting :) Never been on a photoshoot before but you're starting to really rack up experience hehe ;) Love the Pikachu outfit ;D And you look gorgeous in the last few photos!

    1. Hahaha thanks! And no not really actually, I'm still so awkward and derpy in front of the camera. All these poses are just done based off of reference photos LOL. XD

  6. wow you look amazing! the photographs are beautiful!

  7. You look really stunning in the photoshoot, and yourr makeup is gorgeous :D
    Now i want to have my hair like your even more LOL!
    The model is beautiful too
    I felt in love with the Pikachu's custome ^_^ hahaha Is do that a Kigurumi??

    1. YESSSS it's a Pikachu Kigurumi!! It's so warm and fuzzy I love it haha :D aww you're too kind! thank you <3

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    1. Thanks! <3 Sure, I'll come by once I get the chance!! :D

  9. you are gorgggg! i feel like that statement says it all and nothing further needs to be added haha x