Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Madness

Damn the holiday season for all the irresistible collections and new makeup products released. Damn that holiday spirit and mindset that tis the season to splurge and spend a ridiculous amount of money on gifts. In addition, while you're doing your Christmas shopping one must always treat yourself to a little something as well right? Problems of a shopaholic and makeup addict. Facepalm. My lovely ladies, I present to you a collective haul from December and sneak peak of upcoming posts. I apologize for the lack of posts even though I should have more time in the holidays without school work in the way, but I've been working like crazy to make up for the amount of money I've spent. Sigh.

Yves Saint Laurent: My most recent purchases from this holiday season. These two lippies are just regular lip colours from the permanent line of Rouge Volupte Shine and Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain. The shades I bought are No. 15 Corail Intuitive (Glossy Stain) and No. 7 Corail Aquatique (Rouge Volupte Shine). The packaging of these YSL lip products are to die for and is precisely the reason why I would even consider spending so much on a lip product. Although, of course, the colour must also suit me.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: The rose gold theme is too pretty to pass up. I know a lot of people are passing up on this for various reasons (similar colours, not getting much use out of previous naked palettes, expensive etc...) but in my opinion I think I'd actually get more use out of this palette than the previous ones because the pinky gold tones are more suitable for everyday wear. There's not a shade in this palette that I don't think I won't be able to wear or enjoy.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach: I don't think I need to give an explanation for this, it's my third time repurchasing.

NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palette: I think there's no better description for this but "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it's yours. That's how you know" - Christina Aguilera. I was pretty upset at myself for not getting this during the Sephora 20% VIB sale but I'm so happy I got my hands on it! I got pretty lucky that it was restocked on the Sephora website a week or two later. YAY! I've been using this every day (if not every other day) since I got it. I now completely understand the hype behind the Laguna bronzer. 

MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection: A proud announcement that I finally own something from MAC I think this may be the start of another unhealthy addiction. I picked up the 2x Dare Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Palette, Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Cockiness (sparkly rose gold), and the Matte Lipstick in Bad Girl RiRi (a neutral red brown).   

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm & Lacquer Balm: These were on sale at Superstore for $8.49 so I picked up a few, and I must say I enjoy them much more than the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. I think these new ones have a better shade collection than the other ones.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polishes: These glitter polishes were released as part of the holiday collection but I returned them already. I didn't expect Midnight Glitz to have a clear base when it appears to have an opaque black base. I was also expecting it to be a nice dark emerald green with gold sparkles but I was deceived by the lighting in the drugstore. I anticipated Twinkle Toes-ty to be a beautiful glitter madness if I layered it over top of a dark base or if I use it alone but when I was testing it out, the glitters did not apply evenly over my nails. It was very hard to maneuver and I can only imagine the frustration of having to layer endlessly to get my desired result.

Maybelline Colorshow in Lavishly Lilac: My love for this polish can be seen here.

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Jet Black: I picked this eyeliner up on a whim to try because I am running low on my regular Annabelle one. There's not my expectation for this eyeliner aside for serving as an easy-to-use base for my daily eyeliner routine (I usually use a pencil eyeliner to line my eyes and then go over it with a gel eyeliner). It's not as smooth and as creamy as the Annabelle Smoothliner but it does the job okay.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Holiday Favourite

I was on a stroll during my break from work and I didn't expect anything when I walked into the drugstore; I just wanted to kill some time after running a few errands. After buying The Twenty Two by Formula X I keep telling myself that I don't need to buy anymore nail polish - especially when I haven't even worn half of those minis yet (I actually only wore two of those polishes....) but when I saw Maybelline's new holiday collection (Brocades) my jaw dropped. I struggled and caved. I wasn't even sure if these Color Show nail polishes were any good but the little thing just looked too damn gorgeous to pass up and I don't regret it one bit. I may even consider going back to pick up one or two more and perhaps a back up of Lavishly Lilac.

Maybelline Lavishly Lilac is a phenomenal festive glitter polish. It is opaque in two coats and goes on streak free. It has larger hexgonal purple glitters with small purple, magenta, and turquoise glitter specs on a gold-silver shimmer base. All of these different coloured glitters put together gives this polish a multi-dimensional look and a duochrome looking effect. Under different angles, the glitters reflect off the light giving different colours. At times you will see it as a gold polish with purple glitters, other times a silver polish or as seen in the pictures above, an all over purple glitter polish. It's absolutely stunning and you can never capture a picture that is enough to give it justice. I swear, don't to get these limited edition polishes.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A 'Quick' Look at Target

Target has finally opened up in quite a few places in Vancouver but I never had the chance to go visit and see what it was like. In addition, everyone around me who has gone only gave me the same feedback: it was disappointing and no better or equivalent to be comparable to the stores in the states (price and product offering wise). This just poured cold water on my heated urge to go but I gave in last week, and oh boy did the makeup section with its white fluorescent light ever call out so strongly to me when I walked inside. It's no wonder why they used such bright catchy lighting. Heaven is where it always shines brightest.

After much self control I only walked out with two lip products. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp and Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Colour in Nude Pink. These two wonderful things have quickly made its way into my makeup bag to carry around with me every day.

L-R: NYX Antwerp & Sonia Kashuk Nude Pink

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp: a gorgeous matte pink coral shade that isn't too bright and is perfect for everyday wear. After seeing it in Jenn's videos from Clothesencounter, Antwerp has always been on mind. It was only a matter of when I came across these Soft Matte Lip Creams. I have not tried anything like this lip product before and I am absolutely loving it. The description on the tube is exactly what it is: It's not a lipstick, nor is it gloss. It's like nothing you've experienced before. It's lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte. The colour is very pigmented and lasts 4-5 hours, reapplication after eating is a must (you may be able to get away with one drink though). I was actually quite surprised that this suited my skintone well. The only down side to this product is that you must make sure that your lips are well moisturized, or else the matte finish of this product will enhance all those fine lines and dryness that are extremely unattractive.

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Colour in Nude Pink: MLBB shade, a muted medium warm pink with a satin finish. I didn't realize this, but there actually hasn't been much review on this product at all until I went home and tried to google for reviews and of those that I have found, there was none on this shade. This lipstick is extremely moisturizing and I can almost describe it as a chapstick instead. This lipstick also lasts approximately 4-5 hours on my lips and needs reapplication after meals. Initially, I picked up this lipstick only because I recalled Emily from Beauty Broadcast reviewing and highly recommending a range of Sonia Kashuk lip products. However, I had mistaken her and she was actually talking about the Shine Luxe Sheer Lip Colours instead. But I don't regret purchasing this lipstick at all. I think this is just an understated product. I like the sleek black square packaging with the color featured on the cap. The imprint of 'SK' on the lipstick bullet is also a nice feature and makes the packaging a lot more classier and high end like, except I think it would've been a better idea to have it imprinted on the side. After one swipe on my lips, the imprint smudged and disappeared and my heart slightly clenched in disappointment that I had ruined it.

Overall, I highly recommend these lippies and I can't wait to go to Target again and browse in the makeup section. The next product that I have been eyeing is the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette and maybe picking up a few nail polishes from Sinful Colors since they are so cheap. Although, I don't think I need any more nail polishes after getting The Twenty Two from Formula X......

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tarte: Off the Cuff

If I had to describe this blush palette with two words, it will have to be absolute love. I absolutely love everything about this palette. I love the glittery gold-silver packaging, sleekness, big mirror, and the cute bow cuff that comes with the palette. I've actually already worn the cuff out a few times already and it just makes my outfit more interesting, cute, and spiced up. The only tiny complaint that I have is that I wish they would've imprinted the names of the blushes on the palette instead of slipping a clear plastic sheet labeling the blushes. I don't appreciate opening up the palette with the plastic sheet flopping all over the place every time, but I also don't want to forget the names of the blushes in the long run if I threw it out. The blushes are extremely pigmented and of great quality. They are very soft in texture and one dab of your brush in the pan will be more than enough colour for your cheeks. 

L-R: Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, Park Ave Princess

Crave: a bright warm pink coral shade

Dazzled: a deep muted mauve/berry colour with tiny specs of gold shimmer which is not very noticeable on the cheeks; this can be a contouring blush colour

Darling: a peachy matte colour with a bit of pink tinge

Dollfaced: a matte blue-based light pink shade; a dupe of this colour would be ELF's Studio Blush in Pink Passion

Park Ave Princess: a warm golden brown bronzer in a satin finish; it's becoming my new favourite bronzer!

L-R: ELF Studio Warm Bronzer, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in Milk Chocolate, ELF Blush & Bronzing Powder, NYC Matte Bronzer in Sunny, Shu Uemura Bronzer in Warm Sun, Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave Princess

Since the Park Ave Princess in this palette is quickly becoming one of my favourites, I was very curious on how it compared to the rest of my bronzer collection so I swatched and compared all of them side by side. I would definitely say that Park Ave Princess is the second most pigmented bronzer I own while the most pigmented is still ELF's bronzer from the Blush & Bronzing Powder duo. Park Ave Princess is the medium between ELF's bronzer and NYC Sunny for the golden brown shade, and has a satin finish similar to ELF Studio Warm Bronzer. Shu Uemura is always more orange compared to any bronzer. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is the lightest out of all my bronzers but a very good pick for a subtle and natural contouring shade. If you want more detailed reviews about each bronzer I have, click here!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sephora Friends & Family Sale Haul

Recently the big buzz has been the Sephora VIB Friends and Family sale that only occurs maybe once or twice a year. Therefore, as a beauty addict's duty, it is a necessity to take advantage of it. I only bought two things, the first item I went straight to pick up was the Tarte Off the Cuff Amazonian Clay Cheek Palette and Bracelet. I was a little worried at first because there was none left on the display and the sales associate said that it was probably gone by the hour I came. But luckily I bugged another Sephora girl and they had more instock. This is a lesson to learn that never settle unless you know that they've checked in the back for you hahaha. I don't own anything Tarte so having been introduced to this holiday palette, I figured that it was a great deal. It comes with four blushes and one bronzer. Each product has 0.15 oz of product in it, which is roughly a little bit more than half of a regular individual blush (0.2 oz). Also, a regular blush costs $31 whereas this palette costs $50 (before discount) which evens out to $10 per blush. I'd still pick this palette up even if there wasn't a VIB discount. 

Isn't the packaging adorbs?! I'm also extremely happy that the bow cuff fits my small wrist! <3
L-R: Crave, Dazzled, Darling, Dollface, Park Ave Princess

I wasn't really planning on getting the Formula X The Twenty Two set at first, but the night before the VIB sale I was watching Tiffany D's October favourites and haul video which convinced me that it would be something I'd like. Normally, I don't think I'd gravitate towards this set because there are more cremes than special effects or glitters that I want. But I realized that this set would be great for me because I have such a small range of colours in my collection and on a closer look, some of the creme colours are definitely right up my alley (not the neons though). Price wise, a set of 22 minis is equivalent to 4 regular sized polishes. Since I haven't tried any of Formula X's polishes I think this set would be nice for me to try out the quality of their polishes in every range that they offer before I buy a full size of my choice. I will swatch these polishes in a full review on this set. So stay tuned! :)

Overall, I'm quite happy and satisfied with the two things I bought. But the one thing I'm regretting about this haul though is not getting the NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palette. At the time I was in store, I thought that I shouldn't get so many blush palettes but now I'm just hitting my foot. SIGH. It seems like I always make the stupidest reasons for missing out on the NARS limited edition cheek palettes. :'''''''(((( Second lesson learned: if you see something you like, just buy it. Don't wait. Don't hesitate.

L-R: Turbulent, Need for Speed, Extraordinary,Omni, Infatuated, Thrilling, Vroom, Flashy, 
White Matter, Dark Matter, Meteoric
L-R: Bionic, Rocket Fule, Radioactive, Zap, Unmistakable, Brazen, Eureka, Racy, Indelible, 
Haphazard, Wham!

What did you guys buy from the Sephora Friends and Family sale? 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Ultimate Procrastinator: Catwoman

This year's Halloween was unplanned and extremely last minute. Yes, even this blog post lol. I wasn't actually sure if I'd even end up doing anything for Halloween because of all the papers and midterms I had. Somehow, I managed to pull everything off and things worked out! Hooray for being free from exams! YAY! Well...for now. Anyways, I went to a clubbing party on Saturday and the theme was superheros. What was the easiest costume to make last minute? Catwoman! I went to the dollar store and bought headbands and felt material. I did panic a little though, because I couldn't find any black elastic for tying the mask around my head but luckily I found a piece of black string lying around my house. What ended up happening was that I cut a small hole in the felt material and then slid the string through; on the inside of the mask I tied the end of the string into a knot so it can be secured to the mask. The only downfall to my DIY I would say is the mask, I didn't have enough black felt to cut two masks out - one as the lining, the other as the front. My mask was way to thin; so when I tied it around my face I had to be careful not to pull it too much otherwise it would stretch and lose the shape. Funny thing - I didn't have glue so I used double sided tape to put everything together. Halloween is where creativity is born.

Catwoman's makeup is simple and sophisticated. I shopped my stash and found Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow quad in Chai Latte. I used the light matte brown colour as my crease for definition; the dark matte brown in the outer corner and faded it inwards into the crease to create a subtle smoke. I also smudged the same colour on my lower lash line. I then lined my waterline with my YSL Eye Pencil in black. Eyeliner and false lashes for the upper lash line is a must and part of the usual routine. Don't forget to do a winged eyeliner to create the cat eyes effect! For face, I applied my Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation and powdered off with Ben Nye Banana Powder. This was a big mistake on my end though, my face turned out ghostly white in flash photography because I forgot that Banana Powder was suppose to give you a highlighting and brightening effect.....sigh. Please remember not to make the same mistake and stick to a good ol' trusty setting powder. With that aside, finish your look by lining your lips with a red lip liner and then go over with a matching red lipstick and you're done! 

Happy Halloween Everyone! Meow!~

Products Used:

  • Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation in 30 Beige
  • Ben Nye Banana Powder
  • NYC Bronzer in Sunny
  • Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette Vintage Rose (blush)
  • Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach
  • Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow quad in Chai Latte
  • Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
  • YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil in Black
  • False Eyelashes in #747S (no brand from IMATS)
  • NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Hot Red
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick in Kiss of Life

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Haul

As fall rolled it's way in I realized that this year I actually needed to add on or change up my skincare routine a little bit. I had always been a combination to oily skin kind of girl throughout the whole year, but this year is out of the ordinary for me. My skin is really dry in the mornings and especially after shower so I picked up a new toner and daytime moisturizer from Sothys. I had always wanted to get the full size of the Hydra-Matt Fluid since I tried the sample. I like how it's moisturizing but keeps my oil at bay throughout the whole day. My mom and I bought the Lotion Vitalite on a whim cause it was on special and came as a duo with the milk cleanser. I have yet to form an opinion on the toner because I haven't used it enough. But my mom is liking the grapefruit scent and how refreshing it feels on the skin. I have La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo based on the hype but I'm not sure if it lives up to the claim for me. I think I need to use it more to form a stronger opinion on it. Clean & Clear Oil-Free Makeup Remover has always been a favourite of mine. This is the same as the Neutrogena and Target version so I use these interchangeably depending on which one is on sale or cheaper.

L-R: Berry Smoothie, Pink Lemonade, Juicy Papaya

I know I'm really late to jumping on the bandwagon and getting Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe, but it just so happens that every time I decide that it's okay to be robbed $20 for a nail polish at the counter it is sold out! But this time, I finally got my hands on it. We are meant to be! To my discovery, Sephora now carry Deborah Lippmann polishes with some exclusive polishes as well. Walking into Sephora is now more dangerous than before. The Beauty Advisor also convinced me to buy an expensive base and top coat. My nails are slitting and Hard Rock claims to have biotin in it which helps your nails grow. I am crossing fingers that this will help me fix the problem.

My spontaneous stop at the drugstore also gave me no reason to leave empty handed. The Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks were on sale so I had to pick up a few shades and I love all of them. Berry Smoothie is a nice fall colour that isn't over the top. Pink Lemonade is a light blue based pink but is somehow flattering on my skintone. The only thing is that I wish it was a tad more pigmented. Juicy Papaya is as the name suggests. A nice light coral shade that is like the papaya. 

This is a bit sad, but I actually haven't bought a lot of new clothes in a long time. The only additional pieces I did buy within the past couple of weeks and even in this haul were all for work so it doesn't really count. The exception here is the leather circle skirt which I am totally head over heels for (H&M). The black tee is 50% off (only $7) and I like how there are some nice details to it which makes my work outfit less boring when it's an all black outfit. The other top that I bought but did not feature here is just plain black long sleeve from Forever 21 and it was only $5.80! So cheap! I think I'm gonna go back and pick up one or two more as back ups.

What have you ladies bought for fall/winter?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Colourful Changes

As a person who's extremely lazy to do eyeshadow for most days, I find that coloured eyeliners are the easy alternative to add some colour and spice up the usual routine without much hassle. I bought these NYX Slide On eyeliners from Hautelook while they were on sale last winter (yes, it's been a long time - why haven't I reviewed these earlier?!?!). If I remember correctly this set of four was $20 which is a pretty good deal considering that they're usually at least $8-10 each at the drugstore. I first heard of these eyeliners from emilynoel83 here and ever since that video these eyeliners had always been on my mind. The only thing I wish was that this set came with a classic black cause then I'm sure I'd get much more use out of it. 

Top - Bottom: Jewel, Purple Blaze, Azure, Glitzy Gold

Jewel: The swatch photo doesn't really do its justice; this is actually a very pretty burgundy colour that contains a bit of shimmer (but not too much). I like how Jewel is very versatile, and while it is colour it is still very wearable....I can almost consider it a neutral.

Purple Blaze: A true purple colour that is just a creme finish (no shimmers, no shine, not metallic). This colour was a bit unappreciated in my collection at the beginning because of how boring it seems just by looking at the swatch. But I realized that the shade of this purple is just perfect. Not too bright, not too dark.

Azure: A fun bold aqua colour perfect for the summer (but summer passed already unfortunately....). This shade contains a very very small amount of silver shimmer. I usually go with a gold and bronze eyeshadow look and then line my lower lashline or waterline with this colour to make my eyes pop. 

Glitzy Gold: A strong metallic copper gold. This is another one of my favourites out of this set! I love putting this on my lower lash line to make my eyes look more awake without using a white/peach eyeliner in my waterline.

Overall, I think these eyeliners are great! The NYX Slide On pencils have smooth application, a wide range of colours, and most importantly they are very long lasting. I can put these on my lash line without any primers and they last all day. I tried rubbing my finger over the swatches and nothing budged. I put these eyeliners to test in the shower and it takes a very long time for them to budge and even then they only fade, not smudge. So if you don't have these yet, you better go get them! :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kiss of Life

Recently, I've been getting back on the groove of watching beauty gurus on youtube. For the longest time I had stopped because I figured it was an unhealthy activity for me since I get so easily persuaded to lust over products that are raved about. Things are different now though; having found a new job that can withhold my chronic beauty addiction I decided it was okay to start watching a few videos every now and then. So guess what happened? I watched two August Favourites (both coincidentally mentioned Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Kiss of Life) and then immediately decided that I needed to have that perfect matte red lipstick in my collection. While I was browsing through the Kate Moss collection, I also discovered the berry red colour that I have always been obsessed with. Why helloooo, you're both mine now.

L-R: Rimmel Lasting Finish 107, 111 (Kiss of Life), NYX Round Lipstick in Eros

Although both Rimmel lipsticks are matte finishes they are not drying on the lips at all. Upon initial application you may even wonder if they are completely matte because you can still see a tad bit of shine. This hint of moisture is why I really like how these lipsticks; they don't settle into the fine lines or accentuate dry lips. The colours are pigmented and may even stain your lips a little bit. The sweet scent is not overwhelming or disgusting, and thankfully not the unattractive play-doh scent of the regular Lasting Finish collection.

I have also included a comparison swatch to NYX Round Lipstick in Eros because that's the only other red lipstick in my collection. Eros has a creme finish and lip balm smooth-like texture. If you wear Eros and then immediately switch to the Kiss of Life or 107 you would feel a dramatic difference. NYX would glide on your lips like oil slick while Rimmel lipsticks would now feel much drier in formulation (but not tugging). The colour of Eros is red-orange (and more obvious off camera) while Kiss of Life is in the true red spectrum.

Overall, I really enjoy the Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss lipsticks. The packaging is cute and the quality of the lipsticks are great. I'm looking forward to wearing them out this fall and winter but I'm not quite sure if I can even get a hand full of opportunities without feeling weird. I'm quite the shy girl still and I really need to release the inner bold lion haha.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vintage Crop

Crop tops have been quite the "thing" for this spring and summer but I never had the courage to try them until my mom gave me her piece. It's cropped but still at a somewhat conservative length for beginners that isn't too showy. Skin will only peek through when I lift my arms. I like the detailing of this crop top. At first glance it looks like a plain white top but if you look closely, the sleeves have a textured pattern and the back is a functional button up. I also like the high round neckline for statement necklaces. I still have to play around with this piece for more varied outfit ideas that suits my personal style, but for a first try one can never go wrong with black leather shorts. And of course, my trusty good ol' Balenciaga goes with literally everything. 

Mom's vintage crop top, H&M leather shorts, Balenciaga Jacinthe bag, Forever 21 ring, H&M necklace

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Kiss

I'm currently a bit depressed at the sight of all the new fall clothing trends, back-to-school youtube videos, and fall makeup collections coming out. I just finished summer school. I haven't fully enjoyed my summer weather yet and now fall is up in my face already. Don't get me wrong though, I love autumn and I love all the colour changes but I'm just trying to savour my care free summer days at the moment. Sigh. Anyways, this is my first face of the day post and I'm currently loving Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti. It's a bit late, but I guess you can say this is my summer makeup look. What is your favourite summer look?

Products used 

  • Shu Uemura Bronzer in 02 Warm Sun
  • Canmake Cream Cheek in 11 Heavenly Heart
  • Kate Crystallise Quarts Eyeshadow in BR-1
  • Benefit Creaseless Creme Eyeshadow in My Two Cents
  • Dolly Wink Eyeliner
  • Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Hazel Eyes Trio in Brown
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara
  • Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (Waterproof)
  • Daiso False Lashes
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach
  • Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dior Gris Trianon

This isn't a recent purchase but rather one of my birthday gifts way back in January that I never got around to blogging about. Recently, I decided to wear it again and it reminded me of how much it deserves a post by itself. Dior Gris Trianon is part of the Spring 2013 collection. It's my first Dior polish and I am absolutely in love with everything about it. It is a medium gray with a warm undertone that I can almost classify it as a neutral. It is opaque in two coats with a nice gloss finish. The application is a dream. Never had I ever applied nail polish with such breeze and perfection before. The brush applicator glides on the nail effortlessly and fits the nail shape like a glove; one to two strokes and you are finished. No streaks, no blotches, mess free. 

Nail accent: Revlon's Heavenly

Friday, August 2, 2013

IMATS: Retail Therapy & Guilt Free Haul

What crazy girls would do for makeup: wake up at 6 o'clock on a Saturday morning, leave the house at 6:50 AM, speed walk/run twenty minutes to catch the first bus just to get to IMATS by 8 o'clock, then line up to get in at 8:30 AM. There were a few hiccups along the way so I got there with my friends at ~9 AM instead. Anyways, true passion for makeup and a makeup addict? Yes sir, that's me.

A little bit of a story; two years ago when I went to IMATS for the first time, I was bitter over the fact that they were sold out of the Beauty Blender by the time I discovered it's existence. So this year, it was my first purchase as soon as I passed by the Nigel Beauty Emporium booth and laid eyes on the Beauty Blender. I picked it up right away along with two pairs of lashes. The Beauty Blender I bought is actually a two pack set selling for $22 in which I shared it with my friend (because a single Beauty Blender costs $14.50). We also shared the eyelash deal 7 for $10. I didn't pick up a lot of lashes this year because I feel like I already have enough at home....but now I kind of regret not stocking up on more.

Top to Bottom: Nectarine, Blushing Bride, Dusty Pink, Vintage Rose, Pink Bliss, 
Fresh Coral, Golden Amber, Victorian Rose

L - R: Nectarine, Blushing Bride, Dusty Pink, Vintage Rose, Pink Bliss, Fresh Coral,
Golden Amber, Victorian Rose

The Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette is the most expensive purchase out of my haul ($34). But it is worth every penny of goodness. The blushes are incredibly pigmented, soft, smooth, and velvety in texture. All you need is just one tap of the blush and blend it out on the cheeks. I love all the colours in this palette and they are super wearable and suitable for any look or occasion. Love, love, love, loveeee!

Crown Brush: Italian Badger IB116 Round Tapered Crease Brush, Syntho SS011 Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush, Studio Pro C405 Contour Blush Brush, Syntho SS010 Deluxe Chisel Powder Brush

I'm quite impressed by the quality of Crown Brushes. The bristles are very soft and the overall quality of the brush itself feels really well made. By comparison to the Royal and Langnickel brushes, they are definitely better in quality. However, I think the Royal and Langnickel brushes are still decent and acceptable at the price they are offered. The eyeshadow and concealer brush are only $2 each. The blending crease brush is $4 but I'm slightly annoyed that it feels a bit scratchy on the lids. 

Royal & Langnickel: BBE-17 Crease Brush, BBE-14 Concealer Brush, BBE-06 MD Eye Shader

I never expected this, but Ben Nye had a glass bowl offering free samples. As soon as they ran out, they'd refill it with different product samples. It's too bad that the Sheer HD Foundation is too dark for me though; while I was there swatching it on my hands the colour seemed to match my tanned skin. The Lumiere Creme Colour in Perismmon looked a bit intimidating in the jar because it's a bright bold red, but when swatched it's actually a nice sheered out tomato red with golden shimmers. I think this can be used as a lip or cheek colour, but correct me if i'm wrong.

The last item I picked up from IMATS was the OCC Lip Tar in Lydia. I swatched a lot of pinks before discovering this colour and they were all either too bright or blue based pink that wouldn't suit my skin tone (I was aiming for a neutral pink). The only reason why I found/discovered this colour was because I saw another girl swatch it on her hand. I instantly fell in love and excitedly asked her what colour she just swatched hahah.

Lydia a gorgeous berry colour that goes on the lips with a nice shine. The formula is extremely pigmented (a little goes a very long way) and it doesn't dry out your lips while lasting a very long time. It is also labeled on the packaging that it is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Aside from the YSL glossy stain that I bought, this would be the runner up to the next most expensive lip product I've ever purchased. For a small tube it costed $13.50 (before tax) after a 25% discount from the original price of $15. But I think you'd definitely get the bang for your buck with the OCC Lip Tars, because this will last you a life time.

Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Color LCR-15 Persimmon, Ben Nye Sheer HD Foundation Beige Natural 2, 
OCC Lip Tar in Lydia