Friday, May 24, 2013

You Spoil Me

Recently I've gained two new members to my family of nail polish collection and all I can say is: love, lovelove. These two polishes from Chanel L'ete de Papillion de Chanel Collection for summer 2013 were definitely a love at first sight for me, I knew I had to get them. We were destined for each other, somehow and eventually. But I'll be separating them in two posts because each polish deserves its own spotlight attention. Currently, I'm wearing Bel-Argus and it's one the most beautiful metallic deep navy blue polish I've ever seen. It's particularly eye catching in the sunlight because it's very sparkly. The colour contains a lot of dimension and at different angles the shade of blue will become either darker or lighter. You can also see a sheen of turquoise and purple expressing the duochrome effect on different angles. Bel-Argus is opaque in two coats, it may appear slightly streaky in the process of applying but eventually the colour meshes together and the streak marks are not evident anymore.

For those of you who follow me on instagram you would've seen Azure a long while ago already but not Bel-Argus, this is because I passed up on the polish deciding that I like Azure more because I'm a sucker for shades of green and turquoise. I can't believe a made such a decision. However, my sweet loving boo gave me a wonderful surprise on a later occasion and spoiled me to owning both gorgeous polishes. I'm a lucky girl. *_* <3

This. Is. A. Must. Have.


  1. You deserve to be spoilt! That was sweet of your guy to treat you to these :) Now where do I find a boyfriend to do that the same for me LOL ;)