Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why Do You Wear Makeup?

Before I begin, I would like to thank sleepandwater for tagging me (if she still remembers) haha because this post has been dusting in my drafts since December and I forgot about it until I was doing some blogger clean up recently. This tag is a bit old, but it was fun to do and I always like reading other people's responses to these questions! I'm not going to name specific people because they've all done it by now haha but if you haven't, you're welcome to join!

1. When did you start using makeup?

In terms of frequent, daily and regular use, I'd say I started near the end of high school and the beginning of university. I never used much makeup throughout high school, I'd play with my limited amount of (primarily gifted) makeup at home or get make overs from my sister occasionally for fun but that was about it.

2. What was the first makeup product you bought and loved?

Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara, Cover Girl eyeshadow trio in Shimmering Sands and Mayebelline eyeshadow quad in Chai Latte. When I bought Shimmering Sands, it was a cheaper alternative to Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes Kit. I remember picking up this cute Benefit catalogue and wanted to buy every product featured but I changed my mind when I swatched Shimmering Sands against Big Beautiful Eyes Kit in the drugstore. The colours seemed close enough and I wanted to save money to buy all the essentials on my starter's kit list. As for Chai Latte, I bought it because Christine from xteeener raved about it in almost every other tutorial I watched of her at the time (she was one of the first youtubers I watched).

3. What is your most used eyeshadow?

I actually don't use eyeshadow all that much on a regular basis, but the ones that I find myself reaching for the most when I do are definitely Urban Decay's Naked and Naked2 palettes and The Balm's Nude'tude. These palettes have a great range of neutral shades that you can't go wrong with. You can create pretty much any look that is suitable for all occasions.

4. When did you begin loving makeup?

I started loving makeup near the end of grade 12 and the beginning of university (this would mean, around 4 years ago). What really kicked off this unhealthy addiction was the discovery of beauty gurus on youtube. I was intrigued, fascinated, inspired and sucked into the girl world that I haven't discovered. I basically learned all my makeup skills from youtube.

5. How do you feel without makeup?

I think I'm in a transitioning stage right now. There was a time when I had a strong opinion to this question but now I'm feeling slightly shaken. There's no denying that I could care less about my looks when I'm at home and when I go out, I feel more self conscious and uncomfortable without any makeup or even minimal makeup. However, I'm starting to have second thoughts on the latter half. I went out quite a few times without makeup over the last couple of months and boy, can I tell you how happy I was to be able to touch my face and rub my eyes whenever I wanted knowing that I wouldn't mess up anything lol (of course, I did it in moderation and only when desperately feeling that annoying itch). In addition, I'm starting to care less and less about impressing other people, looking made up and proper. I'm beginning to embrace the natural face look or maybe I'm just getting lazy because my boyfriend keeps telling me that he loves my bare face...

6. What do you like about makeup?

I like how you have a control on the flexibility of it`s power to make a difference. You can use it to enhance your features, hide your flaws, create different looks, have fun with extreme transformations, and use it to express yourself.

7. Three holy grail items.

Shu Uemura lash curler, Bobbi Brown Corrector, Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked2 Palette (sorry this has to count as one item cause I can't choose between the two....don't make me.)

8. Why do you wear makeup?

I think sleepandwater's answer to this question really sums it up for the majority of those who wear makeup but I'll add a bit of my two-cents on this too. When I first started wearing makeup, it was for fun and for practice to improve my application skills. Gradually, when I got better at it I wanted to be more polished and presentable when I go out for whatever occasion.

My unsurprising secret that I would like to share with you all is that I've always felt like the little ugly duckling. From the family conditions that I live in, I'm always more inclined to feel inferior and below average. It seems a little dramatic to put it this way, but I've had a rough time for the majority of my life. I wasn't a very happy and cheerful person like I am today because of certain circumstances and things that happened. But when I entered university, I promised myself that it would be a new start. I didn't like the way things were and I wanted to change it; things don't get better by itself if you don't do anything about it (this is my little life "philosophy"). It was a new beginning to finally be able (and old enough) to do what I wanted to do, try new things, explore, have fun, and enjoy myself. Getting into makeup was the transition for me. I felt more confident about myself with makeup on and confidence comes with new doors of opportunity. Thus, I wouldn't say that makeup changed my life, but it changed my perspectives in an indirect way which led me onto a more enjoyable route. Whenever I look at my makeup stash, it would always remind me of how everything I now have, came to be.


  1. hahaha, I was also inspired by the beauty gurus in utube which started my hoarding of make-ups journey, lolz =)

  2. It's never too late for a tag! I didn't know the Shimmering Sands was similar to Benefit BBE! Loads of beauty Youtubers love that trio and we don't have the one here. And that's adorable that your boyfriend loves your bare face! I like the look of some shades in the Nude Tude palette but I know I won't use all of them so I'm putting off getting it even though the quality's really good. It's unfortunate that you had a rough stage in life but it's amazing that you've picked yourself up to start afresh!

    1. I guess I got lucky when I picked up the trio way back then, I didn't know it was such a popular one until recently! It sucks how you guys don't have the trio in your area, I guess try looking online? Ahahah the issue for you with Nude'tude applies to me for most of my eyeshadows but I eventually play with them to find more uses. That's how I get away with justifying the new palettes or quads I buy :P

  3. Yay I'm so glad you finally did this! Loved reading your answers :)

    That Chai Latte quad looks right up my alley - I don't think Maybelline ever released it here. Certainly it's not in the stores now. I remember one of my very first makeup items was also a CoverGirl and Maybelline eyeshadow trio/quad haha! :)

    I also can't choose between Naked1 or Naked2 - I was leaning more towards the latter, but then again every time I pull out my original Naked & use it, I generally really like how the shadows perform and the shades. Still eyeing that theBalm neutral palette though!

    It's hard to imagine that you felt like an ugly duckling - but it just goes to show how much of our perception of our beauty and how we feel is internal. I think every girl has a unique relationship with makeup in terms of the role it plays in their lives and how they've used it to their advantage in some way. It's great that makeup has the ability to engage our creativity, inspire, entertain, make us feel better about ourselves, but also encourage us now & then to reflect on why we do it and to develop a self-confidence and sense of self without anything on our face at all.

    1. If you get the chance to it, I'm sure you'll love Chai Latte. It was one of my all time favourite quads before. Not sure why I stopped using it even though it's a great product...probably because my attention shifted to the Urban Decay Naked palettes and the guilty excitement of adding new members to my stash.

      I'm looking forward to seeing The Balm Nude'tude on your blog and your thoughts on it ;) hahaha.

      I definitely agree with you, everyone's relationship with makeup is unique and special and I think that's what makes this particular tag so fascinating and enjoyable to read! :)

  4. Thank you for sharing! My first make up products were a concealer palette and some imitation mac shadows which I had no idea how to use! I too had no idea how to use make up or to try make up until I got older. No one stopped me though and I just got myself obsessing about wanting to play with it. I now have almost no chance to wear make up on a normal day of school or work so that's been a bit sad. It's made me become very creative on the days I have off or to go out. I love this tag!

    1. Hahaha yeahh we've all been through that phase, I used to spend a lot of time playing with my makeup as well because I didn't know how to use it well. Awww that's too bad, I see your face of the day posts and you look lovely! I guess just make some me time for yourself over the weekend and whenever you go out! :)