Monday, October 7, 2013

Colourful Changes

As a person who's extremely lazy to do eyeshadow for most days, I find that coloured eyeliners are the easy alternative to add some colour and spice up the usual routine without much hassle. I bought these NYX Slide On eyeliners from Hautelook while they were on sale last winter (yes, it's been a long time - why haven't I reviewed these earlier?!?!). If I remember correctly this set of four was $20 which is a pretty good deal considering that they're usually at least $8-10 each at the drugstore. I first heard of these eyeliners from emilynoel83 here and ever since that video these eyeliners had always been on my mind. The only thing I wish was that this set came with a classic black cause then I'm sure I'd get much more use out of it. 

Top - Bottom: Jewel, Purple Blaze, Azure, Glitzy Gold

Jewel: The swatch photo doesn't really do its justice; this is actually a very pretty burgundy colour that contains a bit of shimmer (but not too much). I like how Jewel is very versatile, and while it is colour it is still very wearable....I can almost consider it a neutral.

Purple Blaze: A true purple colour that is just a creme finish (no shimmers, no shine, not metallic). This colour was a bit unappreciated in my collection at the beginning because of how boring it seems just by looking at the swatch. But I realized that the shade of this purple is just perfect. Not too bright, not too dark.

Azure: A fun bold aqua colour perfect for the summer (but summer passed already unfortunately....). This shade contains a very very small amount of silver shimmer. I usually go with a gold and bronze eyeshadow look and then line my lower lashline or waterline with this colour to make my eyes pop. 

Glitzy Gold: A strong metallic copper gold. This is another one of my favourites out of this set! I love putting this on my lower lash line to make my eyes look more awake without using a white/peach eyeliner in my waterline.

Overall, I think these eyeliners are great! The NYX Slide On pencils have smooth application, a wide range of colours, and most importantly they are very long lasting. I can put these on my lash line without any primers and they last all day. I tried rubbing my finger over the swatches and nothing budged. I put these eyeliners to test in the shower and it takes a very long time for them to budge and even then they only fade, not smudge. So if you don't have these yet, you better go get them! :)


  1. Good to hear these are really long-lasting and don't smudge! They look like they are quite smooth and nicely pigmented. Jewel is super pretty - but you know I'm such a sucker for neutrals haha :)

    1. hahaha likewise I am a sucker for neutrals as well - it's no wonder Jewel is my favourite hehe ;)