Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nude Obsession

This is yet another long overdue post. I promised you all that I'd do a whole review and swatches on the Formula X The Twenty Two set but, truth be told I don't have the time to even paint my nails anymore. Give me some time and I pomise I will introduce each colour from the set to you. Slowly but surely. If anyone saw me in person right now and inspected my nails, it would be a glitter chipping mess and 'nasty-ness'. The story goes like this: for my birthday, my sister did an at home gel nail manicure on me; the results were amazing and they lasted for two weeks chip free. However, when the day came that I decided to take them was the worst nightmare of my life. If you thought removing glitter polish was hard, try removing gel nail polish with a crappy acetone remover. Absolutely disastrous. I'd choose glitter polish any other day. But I'll leave the the rest of the story later when I review the Nailuv Gel Nail Polish kit I got for my birthday present. So what about this glitter mess? I never got all of the gel nail polish off so I covered it with glitter polish to make it slightly more presentable. Anyways, I apologize for the rambling, so let's get back onto Formula X and this second nude nail polish love of mine. 

Thrilling & Meteoric

I'm not sure if any of you guys remember, but all the way back I had introduced my favourite nude nail polish from Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Bare Naked. I never thought I would find another favourite nude nail polish to set an equivalent place in my heart, but Formula X Thrilling was definitely a surprise to me. In fact, this combination was actually introduced to me by Makeup By Tiffany D here. She was the one who convinced me to buy the The Twenty Two set. Although, the price tag seemed quite hefty at first, when you think about how a regular sized nail polish costs $12-13 already, buying 4 would make up the price of getting 22 polishes in a variety of colours. This is especially great for a girl like me, who always ends up gravitating towards the same type of colours lol.

I never saw the hype about this 'new' (but not so new anymore) brand before putting this combination on my nails. I instantly fell in love, not only with the colours but with the brand. Thrilling went on opaque in two coats with no streaks and no mess. With a top and base coat this polish will last on your nails for a good week or so. Although Thrilling may seem like just a nude, it's beyond just any nude. It's a beautiful light beige creme that has pinky-purple and gray undertones. In a different lighting you can tell that there's a hint of warmth in this polish making it very flattering. Other times, it looks like a pale gray but definitely not to the extent of Dior Gris Trianon. Meteoric is a black and white confetti with rainbow micro glitters. It has a clear base, so don't expect this to be an opaque 'glitter'; actually, I'm not even sure if it's right to call this a 'glitter' because it's not glittery or sparkly at all. Instead I'd rather think of this as more of a special top coat layer.

Since the initial test with this combination I have tried a few other creme colours from the set, and the formula is quite consistent with every colour. Overall, I would definitely say that this was a good purchase and definitely recommend it if anyone is able to find this set. It would have been nice of me to review this earlier but oh well. If you can't find the set, I would say go for the regular sizes! I will definitely look forward to purchasing other colours, but until I have gone through and tried every colour in The Twenty Two I will refrain myself from buying other Formula X polishes. Gotta keep this shopaholic and makeup addict on control.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweet, Juicy, and Irresistable

A much delayed post since I bought these all the way back in December but I'm so excited share my love about these babes with you guys! I think it's every girl's dream to finally own a YSL lipstick and have a sufficient collection of them. I'm definitely looking forward to buying more but only every now and then as a treat for myself so I don't to break the bank. The two colours I have here are Rouge Volupte Shine in 15 Corail Intuitive and Rouge Pur Couture (Glossy Stain) in 7 Corail Aquatique

Rouge Volupté Shine in 15 Corail Intuitive: This has become my holy grail and go-to lipstick.  It is a light warm coral pink and probably one of the best balances of the colours I have come across so far. I like that it leans towards the pink side but has the coral warmth to support it which makes it very flattering on my skin tone. Corail Intuitive is a light pink, but not to be confused with it being sheer. The lipstick is moisturizing on the lips and has a satin finish that gives you the juicy pout you want. Not to mention, it has the most amazing yummy fruity candy scent to it; making your lips irresistible. Last but not least, I can stare and admire the packaging all day long. This lipstick is the definition of perfection. If I ever run out (which I probably will, judging by how often I put these on my lips), you bet I'll be getting a second tube.

Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres in 7 Corail Aquatique: YSL Glossy Stain lippies are probably the closest products that I will ever put on my lips similar to a lipgloss but not really. Corail Aquatique is an orange-red glossy stain with micro-silver glitters that are not detectable on the lips but only seen with careful inspection on swatch. The packaging is in a square tube and has a slanted heart shape pointed applicator that makes application very precise and easy. When you first apply the product, it goes on smooth and creamy but once it dries it becomes quite sticky (which is the only downfall that I need to get over) and is the reason why the colour is sealed in place for the whole day. I can eat a few meals and still find the colour remain perfectly on my lips. The formula is light weight (almost watery and thin) but the colour is delivered opaque. Like Corail Intuitive, this lip product also makes your lips stunningly juicy. One thing to be careful of; although not particularly noticeable with Corail Aquatique is if you pucker your lips too much after it has dried the product will look unattractive, patchy, and uneven on the lips (this is very noticeable with my other glossy stain in Violet Edition).

15 Corail Intuitive
15 Corail Intuitive & 7 Corail Aquatique

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NARS x Guy Bourdin: One Night Stand Cheek Palette

I know this post is long overdue, but it's always better late than never right? This semester is a crazy one for me and I'm officially on my way to suicidal (just kidding). But in all seriousness, I'm taking a full time school course load with two jobs and volunteering. Every week is a time crunch for me so don't be surprised that I can't keep up with the blogging world. I promise I'll try my best though! There's just too much that I want to do but not enough time. You guys should see how many drafts I have started in blogger ugh lol. Be patient with me and stayed tuned, I promise I'll post as much as I can! Anyways, I'll skip out on my story on this palette as I'm sure most of you know it already hahaha. So let's get on with the review!

Top - Bottom: Devotee, Mistinguette, Orgasm, Laguna, Deep Throat, Goulue

In terms of owning NARS products, this would be my first official one (not counting samples) and I was so excited to receive it in the mail. I got this off of the Sephora website and it was delivered to me within one and a half week since the time of purchase. I was super happy that the palette was nicely wrapped and well protected in a red pouch so nothing was broken (I've heard too many online purchase disasters). I like the sleek matte black packaging and the handy big mirror on the interior. Everything about this palette just speaks high end quality and well made. But having paid a full $72, I would not expect anything less. Overall, the blushes are decently pigmented and last a whole day on my cheeks. If I were to bring a cheek palette for traveling, this would be it. This palette has everything you need with a highlighter, a bronzer, and four distinct blushes. From here on out, I think I have more reasons to browse through the NARS section.

Devotee: a pretty frosted/shimmery highlight colour with a hint of light pink and gold sheen. Normally I don't gravitate towards any sort of highlighting as I always get this perceived idea that I would look too shiney and enhance the look of an oily grease ball. However, this highlighter is different, it's pigmented enough but goes on giving the skin a bit of a natural 'oomph'. Do use a light hand, as this is quite pigmented.

Mistinguette: a matte bubblegum pink shade. To my surprise, this shade actually has zero resemblance to other pink shades that I own and have thought that this colour was nothing special. Mistinguette is a lighter and more blue based pink compared to ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion. Dollface from Tarte Off the Cuff cheek palette is more peachy and coral.  

Orgasm: your classic peachy pink blush with gold shimmers. This has been such a prestigious shade that I had to think twice about giving a redundant description, maybe you ladies yawn already lol.

Laguna: I finally get the hype on this bronzer. I don't think I have ever been so attached to any bronzer knowing that it contains gold shimmer in it like this one does but somehow Laguna works magic and you don't even notice the gold shimmer on your face. This bronzer gives you a nice natural contour which is exactly what I am always looking for!

Deep Throat: a light peach shade with slight gold shimmer. This has been one of my go-to natural blushes since I got this palette. I feel like this is one of those no brainer blushes where you can't go wrong pairing it with anything. Compared to Orgasm, this is much lighter, less pink and with less gold shimmer. 

Goulue: a medium rosey pink with gold shimmers. Probably the most pigmented blush out of the whole palette and requires a light hand otherwise you will over do it and look like you got punched in the face. When used in moderation though, this shade looks very flattering on the cheeks. I would say this is probably the stand out from the palette as it is very different from what you would normally find or expect! Coming from me, this is saying a lot about this blush since I tend to shy away from deeper blush colours like this. 

L-R: Devotee, Mistinguette, Orgasm, Laguna, Deep Throat, Goulue