Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mini-Me & Big-Me

During the Christmas season, ELF was having a 50% off sale on their entire website (as if their regular prices weren't cheap/affordable enough). Who in the right mind of a makeup addict like me could resist the temptation? No one. duuhh. I picked up this ELF Small Stipple Brush because I had heard how great it was for cream products from Emily of Beauty Broadcast on Youtube. When I buy things based from her recommendations, 99.99% I never go wrong; this was no exception either. I had finally found the right tool to revive my cream blushes in my collection. 

The Small Stipple Brush is small but a good size and the synthetic bristles are soft. It's not extremely dense  (but not too sparse either) so it gives the brush flexibility for blending and maneuvering. A long while back before they came out with this small stippling brush, I settled in buying the original/regular sized one. I tried using it for my cream brushes but the bristles were just too sparse and flimsy making the application difficult and hard to control an even placement of any liquid or cream product. Personally, I think the original/regular stippling brush is only good for blending out product that you have already applied. Overall, I'm just so happy I got my hands on this small stipple brush because not having the right tool for my cream blushes just left them sitting in my collection untouched. Not that you can't use your hands to apply and blend away, but I personally just don't do it because of two reasons. First, using my hands just takes longer than using the brush to blend. Second, I don't like making my hands dirty while I have 6 other things I need to apply to my face in my routine.

 Small Stipple Brush vs. Stipple Brush