Monday, March 16, 2015

Addicted to Blush Tag

Other than eyeshadows, the second most accumulated category in my makeup collection would have to be blushes. Thank you Lena for tagging me to do this post! There's just something so captivating about each shade of pink and I can't get enough of it. I also realized that over the years as I got older going through the wear and tear of life, the natural glow of youth in your cheeks start to fade and blushes become your best friend to put some life back on to your face. In this post, you will realize that blush palettes are one of my favourite types of purchases because I get to try a range of different colours from a certain brand for a good deal (I'm lookin at you - Tarte Off the Cuff, NARS One Night Stand, and Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot). Unlike other tags, I found some of these questions more difficult to answer because a lot of my favourites could actually fit into several categories and it was hard to narrow it down to one product for each question. Nonetheless, it was fun and I hope you guys enjoy my picks! 

1. What colour blush suits you the most?
As with most typical Asian skin tones, corals and peachy pinks works best with my skin tone. Many (although not all) berry coloured blushes tend to make me look like I'm either drunk, got punched in the face, or just overall unflattering.

2. Pressed/cream/loose blush?
I would always go for pressed because I'm just plain lazy. Most of my blush collection is pressed, and it will stay that way. I do have one loose powder blush which is Maybelline's Mineral Power Blush in Original Rose. It's a very nice natural blush colour, but it's just too much of a hassle in general so I never bothered to get another one. Cream blushes are nice, but they do require more time with blending it out evenly.

3. Favourite shimmery blush?
Benefit Bella Bamba. I never mentioned this in any of my posts before because I lost my touch in blog writing last year, but I got my hands on this Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O'Blushes palette in the past holiday season and I managed to snatch up the last one in store! I settled with Bella Bamba for this favourite because it's a rare raspberry pink blush with very fine golden shimmers that actually compliments my complexion. An honourable mention that I never thought I would pick is the prestigious NARS Orgasm blush. The impeccable golden reflective sheen from that peachy pink blush is just amazing and I didn't appreciate it until now. It's one of those products that slowly grew on me.

4. Favourite matte blush?
ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion. I got this blush way back when I first started makeup. At one point, it was my daily go-to blush. This is still one of my all time favourites but I stopped using it regularly not because I don't like it anymore, but because I started accumulating a lot of blushes which required me to cycle through my blush collection so I didn't feel like I was wasting my purchases.

5. Favourite cream blush?
I don't have a lot of cream blushes, so this should have been an easy pick but I still couldn't decide on a colour so I'll be cheating on this favourite. I've had these Canmake Cream Cheek blushes for a long time and I wish I got more colours because these cream blushes last all day and they are very pigmented. I only have two colours - 05 Sweet Apricot  is a very pretty coral pink, and it's the perfect blush for the summer tan. 11 Heavenly Heart is a cute baby pink that gives your cheeks a natural dolly pink look.

L-R: Sweet Apricot, Heavenly Heart
6. Favourite drugstore blush?
NYX Pinched. It's a pretty light pink blush with micro gold shimmers. It kind of resembles NARS Orgasm because it also gives that golden reflective sheen (not to the same intensity though) but leans more pink and obviously a cheaper alternative. I would say that this was the first to make me have a different thought on shimmery blushes. When I first started makeup, I steered clear from shimmery blushes in fear of looking like a disco ball, but Pinched changed all of that. The shimmer gives a nice glow but it is so subtle that it's not very noticeable on the face at all.

L-R: Pinched, Angel

L-R: ELF Pink Passion, NYX Angel, NYX Pinched

7. Favourite high end blush?
If you haven't noticed a trend already, this one is easy to figure out. NARS Deep Throat - a peachy pink. I like how the shimmers in this blush is not detectable at all, it just gives the blush an overall satin/sheen. I like how this colour isn't too coral or too pink and is the perfect medium that goes with a lot of looks.

8. Favourite bright blush?
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Crave. Please excuse the weird yellow smudge over my palette. I was attempting to do some DIY the other night and put some names back on to the palette instead of having this annoying plastic sheet fall out of the palette every single time I opened it. It was my first attempt to stick the name back on with some clear nail polish but instead it resulted in a weird chemical reaction, and left this nasty looking yellow smudge so I had to use tape for the rest of the labels. -_-" Anyways, frustration story aside. Crave is a really pretty bright matte pink coral shade that is perfect for the summer months. I was debating between this blush and Ben Nye Nectarine as a bright favourite but ended up settling for this Tarte blush because it's easier to work with. Nectarine more of an orange coral and must be used with a very light hand, otherwise you would end up looking like oompa loompa.

9. Biggest blush disappointment/regret?
This was the easiest question to answer for me as this would be the one and only - NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush. Remembered when I mentioned about berry colours that made me look like I was drunk or punched in the face? This. is. the. devil. This is a matte medium berry cream blush that just looks unflattering on my cheeks no matter what way I applied or how I tried to work with it. Le sigh. I have given up and learned that this is the type of colour to stay far away from.

L-R: Canmake Sweet Apricot, NYC Big Apple Blush

10. Best blush packaging?
Christian Dior blushes. The compacts are so sturdy and as you can see from the photo below, it has a second layer engraving "CD" underneath the top cover. Inside, you have a decent sized mirror and a soft usable brush that comes with it (at least for this particular blush anyway). There are also engraved patterns on the powder itself which makes the blush so much more classy and attractive. Everything about it is just perfect.

11. What's on your blush wish list?
There's a lot, but I'll just name a few. The infamous Hourglass blushes, in particular I'm looking at Diffused Heat. I kind of regret not picking up the Ambient Blush Palette but I couldn't justify splurging on another Hourglass palette when I had already picked up the Ambient Lighting Palette. I've also been lusting over the Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera ever since Lena mentioned it in her blush tag and reminded me of its existence again. Another high end blush that I can't bring myself to actually purchasing but have always been eyeing are the Tom Ford Blushes. UGH. They're just so damn pretty.

12. Number 1 holy grail blush?
NYX Angel. If you need a fool proof blush that can go for any day and any occasion, this would be my pick. It's a matte neutral to cool dusty pink that goes well with any makeup look that you have on. I've raved about it before and I'll do it again. It gives a nice natural pink flush to your face and goes with many skin tones, if you're in a hurry slapping this on your face is not a problem because it doesn't require much blending attention.

Hope you guys enjoyed my responses/picks for this tag. Let me know if you have done this tag because I do enjoy reading the responses! If you haven't, I tag YOU!! But to name a specific few I tag these lovely ladies: Linny & Monica, Tasha, Sharlynn, Cherie, Michelle, and Vanessa.


  1. Wooo you did the tag! :) I've never tried any NYX blushes (unless you count Taupe) but both Pinched and Angel look promising! I'm also lusting after Tom Ford blushes (or anything TF really), but the price tag is craaaazy. You have some amazing blush palettes - that Benefit one is so good! If I didn't have a few of them already, I'd definitely hunt it down. I have my eye on Rockateur and I'm kind of sad about Bella Bamba being discontinued.

    1. Haha I couldn't agree more, I'm down for anything Tom Ford - their lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and blushes. I literally look like this every time I see them --> *___* It would be a hefty splurge when the day I come to purchasing one. The Benefit palette was one of my best purchases, 6 blushes and a highlighter for only around $46 CDN. Rockateur is a really nice muted pink. Say whaatt?? Bella Bamba is being discontinued?! :( It's such an amazing colour though!!

  2. Ohh yay, thank you for the tag hun! Definitely need to get around to doing it, though I think answering the qs and taking photos will be rather time-consuming haha! :P I love the one NYX blush I have (Terra Cotta) but I really need to get around to buying more! And yeah gurl, you need Stila Gerbera!!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I'll be looking forward to your post! I don't know about the other girls, but you're right, this tag literally took me the whole day lol. Terra Cotta seems like a really nice colour, I've actually had it on my to-buy list for the longest time but the colour seems to never be in stock when I try and go find it in the drugstore ugh! One day, it shall be mine :P

  3. AHHHHH! BLUSH! I LOVE ME SOME BLUSH! Thanks for tagging me! You're not the only one who did! And I'm sort of not surprised! TEE HEE! Loved seeing your picks! I totally would love to own some NYX blushes and Benefits right about now! As well as a tarte or two! I personally don't know what I'd do without blush...especially a good pink shimmery one! I seriously would be a ditch...or something along those lines! You totally need to order yourself some Sleek single pan blushes seriously, they are out of this world, you get so much product and they're affordable! Also do check out bourjois baked blushes, they are gorgeous if you want some glow on them apples! Thanks for tagging, I'm planning this one now!

    1. Hahaha I don't think anyone is surprised! You are the blush queen among us anyway! I know, I've heard so many good things about the Sleek blushes, not to mention their amazing eyeshadow palettes! Was their a specific blush from Bourjois that you recommend or one that is your favourite? For starters, Bourjois is more accessible for me hahaha

  4. Ahhh spewing that I didn't get my hands on the Benefit palette. Such good value for money and so perfect for travelling. Love the way you photograph your blush swatches. I can never get mine to appear perfectly in photos

    1. I almost missed it as well because I was trying to get it with the 20% discount for Sephora's Friends and Family sale but decided that I should get it first and return it when I manage to get another one with the discount. I ended up not being able to take advantage of the sale but I don't mind since this palette is so amazing! Hopefully you can hunt it down online somewhere!

  5. Thanks again for tagging me! (And hah, I've found that the older I get, the more discolouration I get on my eyelids + undereye area)
    I'M TOTES ON THE CORAL WAGON...heck, I'm usually ok with most blush shades except hot pinks and FUCHSIAS (FUCHSIAS ARE THE WORST ON ME AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO CAN PULL THAT OFF). Canmake's 'Sweet Apricot' is so pretty! I have 'Pinched' but among my NYX stash, it's my least favourite as I find it too shimmery for my taste. (I'm more of a matte blush kinda gal) BUT DEEP THROAT > ORGASM, IMO. I borrowed it off a friend, and I await the day I can add it to my collection! Even though I've got a few dozen blushes, there's still a few blushes I want to add to my stash. I'm holding out though, because the fact that I've yet to finish a single blush is troubling ;-;