Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eye Candy: Adorlée Eye Cream

For the longest time, I was one of those girls who cheated a little section of my skincare regime and just hydrated/moisturized my under eye area with my facial moisturizers. My relatively normal to combination oily skin has been on the most part fairly forgiving in terms of hydration but there have been times where it was just not attractive waking up to puffy eyes and having nothing to sooth it. When Adorlée came to my attention with their Youth Reviving Eye Cream and Youth Preserving Eye Cream, I was intrigued - it's a Vancouver local skincare brand which solely specializes in eye care. The eye creams have five key goodie ingredients that are claimed to help "reduce puffiness, increase lymphatic circulation and improve your skin's firmness and elasticity". Sounds great right? So what is this amazingness?

These Adorlée eye creams contain: caprylic which is basically a compound derived from coconut oil that assists in skin repairing; white tea is an antidioxidant with anti-aging properties; ginseng is rich in vitamins and minerals that aids in toning and improving skin complexion; aloe vera is another skin repairing agent; and lastly, hyaluronic acid (which has been on the hype in the beauty world as of late) is great for hydrating the skin and providing elasticity. Though the last component should be noted that it is only contained in the Youth Reviving Eye Cream and not the Youth Preserving Eye Cream. In addition to these five key elements in Adorlée's eye creams, they also have a patent peptide component called Eyeliss which serves to reduce puffiness and eye bags by improving drainage, reduce capillary fragility, reduce irritation, and skin slacking (which have all been noted as causal factors to developing puffy eyes and eye bags).

I've been using both of these eye creams for over a month and a half now and I think I've given it a fair amount of time before sharing my thoughts. I use the Youth Preserving Eye Cream in the morning and the Youth Reviving Eye Cream in my night time routine. Both eye creams have a really nice light weight and hydrating gel formula which I really appreciate. I prefer all my moisturizers in general to have this formula otherwise it feels to thick and heavy for my skin. I do notice that my eyes have been slightly less puffy and not as frequently puffy after using these two eye creams when I wake up from my sleeping beauty slumber. *Hoorrraaaay I'm still alive!* (reality check, I'm not actually that excited for mornings....) :P Well....and I mean yay for less puffiness haha. But in terms of seeing results in diminishing the appearance of dark circles, reducing visible signs of fatigue, or reducing fine lines....not so much. I'm not complaining though, because I never expected a miracle to happen for a bad habit of being a night owl lol. I know I'm not the only one!

Now moving to the exterior, I'd say it has a pretty nice and sleek packaging. The Youth Preserving Eye Cream has an extra plastic covering within, which is nice in preventing it from drying out. It's also nice to have a pump for the Youth Reviving Eye Cream; but I have a slight love and hate relationship with this. I love how it's hygienic but I can never get the right amount I want, it's hard to do a half pump. It disperses a small pea sized amount of product but still not little enough in my books because I feel like there is still too much product for both eyes. Maybe this is just me being a little too picky? I'm not too sure. Overall though, I think these two eye creams are decent products that are reasonably priced at $40 for 15 mL. Eye creams last a long time since you only need the dinkiest amount. I've checked out several other brands of eye creams from Sephora and they retail about $50+ which is wayyyy out of budget.

L-R: Youth Preserving Eye Cream, Youth Reviving Eye Cream

**Disclaimer: these products were generously given to me for review purposes from Adorlée, all of these opinions are mine and I did not say good things just cause I received them for free....most of you all know me well enough by now right? Anyways, if you guys have any eye cream recommendations, please let me know as I'm always interested in trying more!