Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Golden Standard

I've never been so mind blown by an eyeshadow's craftsmanship until coming across this one - Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Mono in 170 Iconic Gold. Did anyone even know that Gucci had a makeup line in the first place? I sure didn't until my sister came back from Hawaii and gifted me this beautiful thing. Or maybe I'm the only one living under a rock. I can almost see a halo on this, everything is just so perfect. The gold and black packaging is so sleek and classy that it's breath taking. Let's just all take a moment of silence and appreciate how much beauty there is here. Just look at it...... *_* Trying to give this eyeshadow a swatch made me die a little inside when I had kind of ruined a bit of the imprints. I think this has been the only time where I felt like I had fat fingers.

So aside from the outside beauty which I can't seem to get over yet, the quality of the eyeshadow itself is also pretty darn amazing. Iconic Gold is a pretty taupe brown with small golden shimmer flexes. The swatch photo below doesn't give the shimmer enough justice, but trust me, in person it looks 100x more amazing. The shadow is soft and decently pigmented - the colour doesn't come off like other popular eyeshadows that we are familiar with. I'm looking at you, Urban Decay. But I think that sometimes, it's better that way as we get more control to build up the intensity of the colour and not having to fear the need to frantically blend everything out crazily. I heard the Gucci make up counters aren't readily accessible, so if you do come across one, I urge you to check out these beautiful eyeshadows. It's definitely pricey for 2 grams of product, but you get what you pay for.


  1. I....didn't even know Gucci did makeup either?? Not gonna like, 'Iconic Gold' isn't normally a shade I go for, but hot fiddly DAMN, that eyeshadow packaging is GLORIOUS. SUCH LUXE. So thoughtful of your sister to bring you back something so nice though! ;)

    1. haha if I picked a single shadow myself, it probably wouldn't be this colour as well if given a choice...but I don't mind since it's still a very versatile shade. The packaging is phenomenal!! When I saw it it was jaw dropping lol