Monday, November 23, 2015

Current Favourites #4: Fall Edition

I'm a bit mind blown at the moment thinking about how 2015 is almost over when it seems like a lot of things just happened the other day. Time flew by and so much has happened but I've definitely grown a lot as a person over this past year and I've come to realize things do happen for a reason..."people change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe. There's no better quote to describe how I feel right now and overall, I just feel extremely thankful and blessed to have certain people in my life. And for updates to my fellow blogging girlies, I got accepted into nursing school! I'll be starting in January so I'm really excited since I'm not lost in life anymore and have a goal and career to work towards (this explains my 10th MIA from my blogging life lol). Anyways...I've rambled on too much about my personal life, so I'll get on with sharing my current favourites now. :P

H&M Earrings: I find myself browsing the H&M accessory section more and more after finding the statement earring piece during the summer from my previous favourites post here and there has been two new great finds for fall. I've become more of a minimalist and stud person as I've gotten older but these two dangle earrings made an exception for me. The first at the top corner adds a bit of style and statement to a plain outfit. The second piece at the bottom left is delicate and precious. These never fail to receive compliments every time I wear them.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original: The appreciation for the invention of this product is nothing new but more so recently because for some unknown reason, my eyelids have become very oily which led to my eyeliners creasing. This has never happened before even in 38 degrees of desert heat in Las Vegas; Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner and ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner never failed on me in the heat and sweat. My usual daily routine of just eyeliner and mascara never had issues on my upper lids, so now I have to use primer even with just lining my eyes.

Daiso W202 Natural Eyelashes: I love the natural/gradual flare to these lashes. They're the perfect medium between adding oomph to your lashes while still keeping your look natural. Someone recently told me that they were jealous of the length of my lashes and asked if they were real!

Bare Minerals High Shine EyeColor in Bronzed: One of my besties gave this to me last winter as part of my Christmas gift and I didn't really love it until now. The pigment in this is very intense and the lasting power is great. It's also a no brainer eyeshadow as I can get away with using this as an all over colour on my lids. The slight downfall is that there is some fall out but this is expected since it is a pigment afterall. The intensity and pigmentation swatch photo is still slightly doing this eyeshadow not enough justice.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette: If you're following me on instagram, this mention should be no surprise to you. I've held off on purchasing this palette the longest time for the most obvious reason...this beautiful little thing is extremely costly. The other reason why I was hesitant towards buying this palette was due to already owning the original Ambient Lighting Palette. The Sephora VIB sale came at a righteously good timing while this product is still available so I caved in and decided to treat myself for my small achievements. I have no regrets. This palette is stunningly beautiful. The powders are soft and very finely milled. I always had a small undying worry that these powders would make me look too shiney especially when used simultaneously, but I was wrong. You get the most amazing natural glow on your face and everything just falls in place with each other.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette (Top to bottom and L-R): Dim Light, Iridescent Light, Diffused Light, Mood Exposure, Luminous Flush, Luminous Bronze Light
Bare Minerals High Shine EyeColor in Bronzed

Ever New iPhone 6 Phone Case: I purposely took a photo of this next to the Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance. I hope that's self explanatory enough without the need to giving a full description of reasoning why I love this extremely girly phone case so much in which I normally would never purchase.

Real Techniques Contour Brush: I didn't have a full appreciation of this brush until my friend suggested that I should try using it to blend out my under eye concealer. I must say, it's the best brush for it.

Crown Brush IB116 Round Crease Brush: Lately, I've been putting my eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes into more use as I have realized that this hoarding and purchasing of new eyeshadows/palettes aren't justifiable if I don't start using them more and with that, I find the need to mention how amazing this little crease brush is. I bought this crease brush two years ago from IMATS and I use it every time I apply eyeshadow. The size is perfect and gives you precise control on where you want your eyeshadow to be with its tapered structure. It is also fluffy enough to blend your darker crease colour with your overall lid colour.

Maybelline Super Stay Foundation in Classic Beige: This is my first foundation that I purchased which was recommended by Emily Noel from YouTube and I still love it. It's definitely an oldie but a goodie. The shade is slightly a pinch darker than my natural skin tone but it matches me perfectly at the moment since my tan from my Vegas trip in September. I don't use foundation on a regular basis and I only pull it out for special occasions or nights out when I want to ensure that my face looks absolutely flawless in photos. This foundation has great longevity and has medium to full coverage.

Ben Nye Professional Wheel in RB Red Black & White: Please don't mistaken that I use this product and apply face paint on a daily basis as part of my makeup routine LOL but I thought I would include it in this post because I failed to write up a Halloween post in time and now it's way too late to do so. For this year's Halloween, I decided to do something I've never done before and gave my Halloween costume a little bit more thought and effort. I was inspired by a makeup artist's work that was featured on Blanche Macdonald's facebook page and decided I wanted to recreate the half skull look for Halloween. This colour wheel of face paint lasted me all night as long as I didn't touch my face. Even with eating, the details of the teeth didn't get ruined and I only had to slightly touch it up and darken the lines. My final look for Halloween was a half skull and half vampire look. If you are interested in seeing it, you can find it here. If you are really interested in reading a full post on how I created the look let me know. :)

Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner: Following up with my first time doing face painting and doing it twice prior to the day of Halloween, this Daiso brush cleaner never came in handier for the mess created by the face paint on my brushes. It made cleaning very easy and hassle free.